I got home on Sunday after a blissful and incredibly relaxing 2 week trip to Marquette, MI.  Nothing could have been nicer for me and I had a great time.

It was heaven…not only was there sun and blue sky for me to enjoy (and use to even out tan lines),

there were trees too!  

And my Mum and Sister…

And my sweet and loving nephew C,

who is so big I cant believe it… babies shouldn’t be allowed to grow so fast.

He just turned 1 and is so happy, I really enjoyed meeting him.

It was also really nice to see my sisters husband, also J, though sometimes I have to wonder about them.

It was a wonderful, happy and perfect visit and I nearly got home completely relaxed.

Sadly, when I was nearly home, I heard the news that there had been another sudden death in my small village.  It happened very late Saturday/very early  Sunday morning with nothing anyone could really do but begin to grieve.  With this loss coming so soon after our last, and with other struggles with no fishing, it is a very difficult time for Nelson Lagoon-ers.  Please keep my community in your thoughts and prayers, I know we need it.