What is it about Spring that makes us all think that just because there is bare ground to be seen and shoots of green that it all of a sudden is “Warm” and we can get by without coats, gloves or hats? I have seen more people in the past few days with the common cold than I did all last year and people who have lived here all their lives are coming in with ear aches because they couldn’t be bothered to wear a hat against the bitterly blowing wind because its “supposed to be warm”. HELLO!! Supposed to be warm is not IS WARM! Wear the hat and coat and gloves if you need them. Yes, it is 34 outside but that is no where near warm enough to be jacketless, despite being much warmer than it was 2 months ago.
At least I’m busy.

And slightly chilly…my coat is at home because it looked so “nice” outside when I left this morning.