Why is it that people, in general mind you, need clarification as to titles?

Some are obvious: Husband, Wife, Mother, Father, Child, Son, Daughter.

Some can be slightly more confusing because of their many uses: Teacher, Leader, Nurse

Some cause stress and worry: Boyfriend, Girlfriend, skinny, fat.
And then there are those titles in the art world which have no overt meaning except by those who entitle themselves: Knitter, Spinner, Weaver, Painter, Writer, Artist.
What makes someone a capital letter creator (as opposed to the Creator, of course)? Is it a level of skill? The number of hours spent honing those skills? The number of people in the world who can do the same?  The complexity of a project?  The number of projects or creations started or finished?  How does one judge another persons craft?  IS there a level of perfection, technical or otherwise, in a field that is so personal as art?  In the end, what gives one person the qualifications to judge another persons work?  Study?  Its all well and good but what happens when the creator has delved into an new area.  Beauty is, and had always been, in the eye of the beholder.  There are novels that I would never touch again that really speak to someone else.  Paintings may evoke strong emotions in someone but only my gag reflex.  I swoon over colours in a roving or gush over the fibre blend in a batt to an extent that non-fibre people roll their eyes and tune me out.

My finished creations, even when made from another persons direction, are wholly Me; capital M.  I am a Knitter and a Spinner because that is who I claim to be.  These are not a disputable titles because the only person who can bestow them is myself and the only person whom they will ever have meaning for is myself.  Some people say that its the hours, some the money, some claim that once they have designed from scratch, THEN they will be a Knitter.  Some claim that the only “real way” to be a Spinner is to have tried all the different wools out there or to process a fleece for themselves.  I have to laugh at that last one because the majority of Processing a fleece is not the spinning but the washing out of the lanolin and poo, picking out of the hay and carding the fibre before getting to the spinning!  If I had to justify my title, I would say that I am a Knitter and a Spinner because of the level of my devotion to my chosen art form.  When it comes down to it, I would rather knit or spin than do just about anything else with my hands, certainly rather than sitting idle (though often Idle is on in the background…or Cleese).

I am a Knitter and a Spinner just like I am a Runner.  I might never win awards and nothing may “ever come of it” but in the end, I knit, spin and run for the same reason that I do everything in my life.  I do it for my own pleasure and happiness.

And just for clarification, I have quite Pleased with myself and very Happy.  I hope you are too.