It drives me crazy that as soon as I get into one mindset, my entire being throws itself into it.  While this can be a good thing, it also can be damaging.  Right now, its damaging my pocketbook!

After paying for my classes and insanely priced books (less so because I bought on Amazon instead of the “university” bookstore), looking into paying for fall classes with my work reimbursement, I now am wanting to immerse myself in buying fiber for my focused 3 months of spinning and to a lesser extent, yarn.  Not that I ‘need’ anything but…well, read on.

There is a GORGEOUS blend of baby camel and tussah silk called Kiwi Kale Tart from one seller, and a mystery Spin Along that I have been trying for months to get into that has an opening and the coordinating colours for the mystery roving are Teal (!!!) and gold.  I want in just because of the coordinating colours but also because I have seen her past colourways and they are completely drool-worthy and amazingly brilliant.  She also has a Merino/silk blend that I am dying to try, mainly because I havent spun with Merino/Silk before.  Another dyer has up her “Clan Jamie” colourway in a SW Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend and while I wouldn’t buy anything because of the ‘Twilight’ Team whoever thing, I have no problems with it here.  I’m Team Outlander all the way 🙂  The colourway is in his tartan colours and while I know that it is impossible to spin it into plaid, don’t think that I’m not hoping in some small way it could happen.  She also has these beautiful zodiac colourways and Virgo is speaking (yelling, really) to me.  It has dark blue and TEAL and grey…how could I not be sorely tempted?  Another dyer is tempting me with a Merino/Tencel in grey, teal and and blue.  Sound familiar?  Its not…really.  The Tencel makes all the difference!

And then there are the new sportweight sock yarns from KP’s.  They are limited edition and when they say that, they really are.  Once they are gone, they are gone and never to return.  And you know I like sport weight for socks.  I have dreams for these yarns that are more than socks though…there are baby clothes in my future that need to be knit!  And then there is this hat pattern that I am drooling over.  I have half the yarn needed (I need the contrasting white) but then I could knit this beautiful hat!

Have I ever mentioned that I have to order groceries in bulk?  Yeah, I have 12 months worth of dry goods and frozen coming up to me from Seattle on Friday and those bills I havent even seen yet.  I know they will be large but not scarily so, I bought less this year than last because I still have some leftovers.  Even then, its a lot of food and will be a lot of money.

And then I have a rather large shopping trip coming up at the end of June.  I say rather large as way of an understatement because I know that by that point I will be COMPLETELY re-clothing myself.  Nothing fits right now and I still have 6 weeks of actively trying to be smaller to go!

And I also need to buy electricity and water to the tune of $150/month and eventually heating fuel at the price of $4.55/gal ($1137.5 to fill my tank).

And then books for the fall term too.

Is it kinda sad that, with the exception of the electricity/water and heating fuel, I’m really excited about my actual (and possible) purchases?  Nothing is about the actual cost.  I have the money, its just the thrill of the hunt and capture and the idea that this is all coming rightnowontheheelsoftheother that has me reeling.