I just have to share these photos.  An amazing moment in time caught just after I started laundry.

It was a very exciting day and I had to phone my mother last night.  Thats why I have the phone to my ear.  I called her to cheer over my recent shape change and the fact that I just slipped out of my jeans without unbuttoning them.  My new jeans that I have had for less than 4 weeks…and now need a size smaller because of all the running.  Its only been in the past 4 weeks that I have been running and I am in love and totally hooked.  My friend J has been pushing me these past 10 days to go further and faster and it has made all the difference in the fit of my jeans.  In fact, last night, in a rather awkward statement (since he is a work and rather new friend), he said, “I can see that your shape has changed, even in the week that I have been here” and then blushed and looked rather embarrassed for ‘seeing’ me.  Not that I felt awkward for him saying it, I said “Thank You!” and told him about phoning my mother after wiggling out of my jeans for the wash so I could cheer.  I was so happy.

And then I tried to find something that fit this morning and started to get annoyed/happy because nothing fits.  Really.  I have my bra on the smallest hooks and new panties that are saggy in the butt and as far as anyone can see from first glance, I look like I’m playing dress-up in my non-existent big sisters closet.  The only things that fit are my socks and shoes!  

My shirt, which is meant to be skimming and with 0 to negative ease (fits closely or stretched over body) is saggy and bunching when I sit and hanging straight down from my chest when standing.

My jeans are no where near fitting being almost 2 sizes too large and its a fight to keep them on when walking and bunching fabric when I sit is pretty funny.

I’m torn between being totally thrilled and reasonably annoyed, both feelings because my clothes don’t fit.  I think totally thrilled is winning, especially because there is no one to impress around here and saggy clothes are excusable, especially since everyone has seen me out running.  And I swear, its the running that is doing it ALL and even my meant-t0-fit-like-a-glove workout trousers are sliding down and need to be pulled up when I run.


Totally thrilled.  I am actually looking forward to shopping in 49 days (7 weeks) in the Big City of Appleton and I dont think I’ve EVER used the words, “I’m” and “looking forward” and “shopping” in the same sentence without the word “not” or without intense sarcasm.