A few days ago there was a post to the Spark message boards that caught my attention and two replies that have stuck with me.  I find it interesting that these are the two comments that I have focused on out of all 3 pages of replies:

The OP asked, “Are you Ever Truly Happy?”

“no. life is a burden. i pretend otherwise.”


“Here’s a favorite quote of mine that I was reminded of by your post: “What is all this running around after happiness? Why don’t we just do something constructive, something creative, and then if that makes us happy, fine. If it doesn’t, at least we still have tilled the garden, baked the bread, taken care of somebody or written the book.” ~Toni Morrison”

Both are very true sentiments for me, especially since I consider happiness a state of mind and a journey, not a destination.  Because I am always growing and changing, my idea and ideal of what happiness is is also always growing with me.  Life, in general, is hard and once you take on responsibilities, happiness is much more of your own making and internal than external.  If you don’t make the effort to be happy, it would be very easy to be down in the dumps more often than not.

Sometimes my happiness is very clear and simple: Finding a piece of sea glass on the beach.  Finding a glass ball.  Finishing a project.  Starting a project.  Talking to family.  An amazing dinner.

Sometimes the details are a bit more fuzzy:  A upcoming trip.  Visits with friends.  Walking.  Feeling worn out after exercise.  Spinning.  Having run X miles.  Clean hair.

Sometimes happiness is pulled from dour circumstances:  A patient needing stitches.  Lancing an abscess.  Driving rainstorms.  Being snowed in.  A dog waiting to see me after a late emergency.

Sometimes happiness is completely personal:  Losing weight.  A hot soak in a deep tub.  Reading in bed.  Rubbing a freely shown and trusting doggie belly.  Blog hits.

Sometimes happiness is knowing someone else is:  Sharing.  Birth of a baby.  Graduation.  Getting in.

Happiness is always growing, always personal and always dependent on how you look at things.  Sometimes its constructive or creative and sometimes you just end up with a day full of done tasks.  And that is happiness in itself.