It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man…

Oops.  Right train, wrong carriage.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the wind always blows into your face when you are exercising outdoors.  Always.  If it was in your face going one way, somehow it shifts and no matter how much you were looking forward to the push at your back, it just isn’t there but again, somehow is STILL against your face.  Knowing this “always”, I would swear that it is on the way home from every run this week that the wind just flat out has stopped blowing.   One moment it is pushing against me, causing my inner ear to pop and my outer ear to freeze, my nose to drip and my fingers to welcome the gloves and the next, as soon as I hit my goal and turn around for home, all wind ceases, my outer ears thaw, it no longer sounds that I am completely underwater and my gloves come off and go into my pocket.  Sadly though, my nose still drips.

Did you catch that big word in the above paragraph?  Not technically a “big” word because it only has 3 letters but, for me, those are really big letters when read together as a word.


Even better, I got to say, “every run this week” because that is what I am doing now.  Running.  Again.  And holy cats, does it feel good.  I’m jogging 2 miles at lunch with enough time in the end to shower and eat and then jogging with Melinda 4 miles in the evening.  I love it.  If you had asked me 4 years ago if I would like running, I would have laughed at you and insisted that it just wasn’t possible for me to run.

At all.

Then I started working out and walking on the treadmill.  And then, because a good friend pushed me, jogging a bit too.  And stopped.

Then I ran for the first few weeks I lived in Pelican during summer #2 but that dwindled off as fishing started.

Then I started again during my winter there because I was working out with friends at the community centre and just needed that little bit extra.  With both the videos and treadmill time and averaging 2 hours per night of focused exercise, I made it down to 175lbs and was in a (slightly tight) size 12.  And stopped as spring turned into early summer.

Then I moved to Anchorage, had access to every kind of food and didn’t have friends and a community centre or a gym membership.  Understandably, I gained back all the weight I had worked so hard to lose and gone back to my 14/16’s.  Not a good thing.  October-ish I joined a gym with my friend S and we were very faithful about going for over 5 months, dwindled by March, went rarely in April and then I moved out to Nelson Lagoon in May.

The good thing was that I lost weight and felt better, the bad part was that I moved just as I was needing a inspirational boost.  I know how easy it is for me to gain weight while I live in a village so wanted to head off any excess poundage by adding more miles to my/Sisu daily walkies.  And it worked as a stop gap: I didn’t gain but neither did I lose and while this is great, it was not quite where I wanted to be.  I know me and know that I am much happier as a person when I’m in better shape.  So I talked my co-worker into starting to jog with me…outside…in December.  I’m just that convincing 🙂  We actually jogged at the airport until mid-January when it started to get bitterly cold but reverted to walking to save our sanity and lungs.

About 2 weeks ago we started talking about getting back into running.  I gave myself the goal of waiting until the puddles ocean in the first part of the main road dried up.  This was because of not wanting to slide all over in the mud or dodge cars who needed to drive on the verge where I run because the puddle (ha!) was so deep. Seriously.  A good plan, especially considering for puddles to dry and water to sink in meant that the weather had warmed up enough to not cause explosive coughing after deep breaths.  We started slowly and gave ourselves little challenges of jogging to “that marker”, “that rock” or “that corner” and over the course of the 2 weeks, we both have come a long way.  Distance between running and walking has greatly improved and our time has dropped too.  Both good things but now I feel like I need more mileage to give Sisu a good walk.  She has started running again too…the ground squirrels have woken up and are leading her a merry chase over the dunes.  They wear her out which leads to odd sleeping poses.

The best part for me?  The running isn’t how I have lost weight.  The running is just what happened after walking became not enough motion.  True, my body has changed with the running as I found muscles long neglected but there had been a much larger change at work before I even planned on jogging again.  The 35 pound weight loss came from another place: portion control.  And that, dear friends, is tomorrows post.

Along with actual knitting/spinning content, I promise.