One of the true signs of spring has to be the insanity that Mother Nature unleashes. Take Sunday last for instance: Beautiful, clear sky, sun blaring and very little wind until 6pm. Then snow, rain and gusts all during the time my grill was hot and ready so I had to grill in the heavy, wet snain (snow-rain) because there was no turning back. Of course it cleared by the time I was sitting down for dinner at 8 so I had a nice sunset to glare at.

Yesterday was pretty much the same thing but earlier. M and I decided to go for a walk/run at 1 because it was just too nice to stay indoors and stare at the sky. What happens? We get through the first mile in beautiful weather with the sun shining, mile 2 with clouds coming in, mile 3 watching the heavy, streaking snain clouds coming down on town and pushed the last mile home getting completely drenched and snowy. Quite impressive and, while it doesnt quite show the same dedication as when we were running in 14F in December, it caused out billing lady K to laugh at me when I walked into the office. Again with the icky weather at the point of no return. It stayed nasty until 6:30pm and then was perfect.

Today was nearly the same. Brilliant sunrise and early morning and then at 10 all wintry fury broke loose, covered the ground first in hail and then in snow and then broken clouds and trying sun by noon. It made for a very ‘crunchy’ run for me at lunch (during which the sun broke through again and, while thawing my fingers, brought me close to overheating). Its all gone now and apart from a few patches of wet on my porch, you never would have thought anything happened earlier. While its overcast right now, I’m not putting any bets on what happens next. Its a good thing I’m a knitter who likes cardigans, they make for very good wearing during springtime mood swings.

Ivy is almost through the the left side and while I like the pattern, I really dislike having to write out so much of the directions. There are a LOT of “At the same time” directions that have repeats at different intervals that are hard to keep track of without writing things/drawing a chart out ahead of time. I know that it all makes sense and works together but I just wish it could have been written differently. More information and details AND photos coming later!