I am usually one of those people who says, “I’ll enter but I never win anything” when it comes to contests or lotteries.  I can’t say that anymore and I certainly cant use the word never any more!

A few weeks ago after badgering a blog friend about needing to post more and missing her photos, she resumed posting and held a contest and I won one of the prizes!  She has made me a special batt for spinning and I just can’t wait to see it.  Writing this makes me remember that I need to get her address so I can mail her out the fibers I have set aside for her too.  Note to self, email her later today.

Just a few days ago I was reading a fellow Alaskans blog, who also is an amazing designer with the Knit Picks IPD, and saw she was having a contest too so I entered hers….and won second prize!

With such wonderful things coming to me in the mail, I need to share the love and send OUT some good mail too.  Stay Tuned for information about an upcoming contest for both knitters and spinners!!