I played around with all sorts of titles for this post.  Mostly there were Jack and the Beanstalk references but after my plethora of puns, I thought it would be nicer to spare you…for now.

Last night I finally finished a pair of socks that I have felt that I was working on just this side of forever.  When I checked my Ravelry  page for them, I found that I pretty darn close.  It usually takes me between 2 weeks (if I am monogamous and knit everywhere) and 2 months (more usual because I am a shameless project hussy) to knit a pair of socks.  This pair?  7 months, 20 days.  With that sort of time devoted, you would expect knee-high lace or maddeningly intricate cables.  Instead, you get these:

66 stitch rounds of slip stitch ribs, one of my favorite and fall-backs of sock ribbing.  The only difference is that these were knit toe-up instead of my usual top down.  The yarn is Duet Sock Yarn in Middy, bought from The Loopy Ewe back in December ’07.  I divided the two skeins of contrasting yarn into 2 separate balls each and put them aside.  I love the colour and their lack of pooling with the only exception of being on the heel turn of sock #1.  I tried a new skill with these socks, a toe-up heel flap and I have to say it was easier than I thought it would be and I like it more than I thought I would but I still prefer knitting socks going the other way ’round.  It was nice to be able to make the leg until I ran out of yarn though so I will likely play with this template of sock knitting for a few more pairs.  I dont think that I will do contrasting heels, toes and cuffs in the future though; I hated weaving in all those ends!  Though they look good, 10 per pair, 20 total is more than I had to weave in on my sweater.  Pass.

Normally I would have a shot of the modeled socks too, mainly because I think that they look absurdly long-footed just laying there (they fit well, I promise), but not just yet.  These socks are being held ransom.  My sister, who is not a knitter, is to be the eventual recipient of these socks but until I see some pictures from her trip to AZ with my nephew, they are staying in Alaska.  We’ll see how fast I get photos, especially since she knows all about the bliss that is Tashie knit socks and according to Mum, could do with a new pair because she is wearing the last ones out.

In other news, a new baby is getting ready to come into the world and greet her anxiously awaiting parents.  I had fully planned on having Tashie knit baby things there and awaiting her but that hasnt happened.  Actually a good thing in the end as my friend A is quite well stocked with little baby things for now and the upcoming spring/summer in MI.  My woolly love, while quite needed for all 12 months in most of AK, would be totally out of place there.  I have plenty of time to plan and start to be done by September.  (Remind me of this time boast around the end of August) So I started here:

4oz of June ’09 Spunky Club in the Selfish Colourway

Fluffed and split into 3 sections, each much bigger than the original but roughly 38g each

And being spun to create what I hope will be a DK weight 3ply in the end.  While I usually draft a lot more before spinning, I am trying something new this time and luckily, I love how its coming out already.

Its going to be so beautiful and soft, just like the little one that gets to wear it!  I hope you will like it too A and I’ll keep you posted as it moves into a more wearable form 🙂