Yesterday, like the day before and today, was beautiful.

Creatures great and small got out there and replenished their Vitamin D stores.  While taking advantage of the fine weather walk, I also figured it would be a good day to take care of my garbage and while doing so, I got to spend time shooting photos of my favorite local 4 legs who were also soaking up the sun.

I encourage you to click on each to enlarge so you can see the detail of their crafty expressions, haughty stares and wary glances.  All of these photos were taken from roughly 10-20 feet away as the fox are all so used to people that they barely lift their heads or shift their paws when villagers come to burn garbage.  Granted, as soon as we leave they descend and scavenge, but they are still beautiful to watch. Some people even feed them leftover meat which, while not a good habit, I wouldnt mind waiting a while to get some pictures of them eating and cleaning up after!  There were 8 at the dump yesterday, 6 reddish-gold with dark paws and 2 dark brown like the little girl you can see curled up in the second photo.  They are all smaller than Sisu by a good 2″ at the shoulder and more slight and bird-like.  Graceful and delicate and a joy to photograph.  Its days like this that I am glad to have a digital camera so I can shoot 150 photos and know that somewhere in there are the perfect few to share.