Should this be a post about Lance Mackey winning the the 38th Iditarod, his 4th win and the only person to ever win 4 in a row? How about the history of the race?

Maybe about how I love languages and have a tendency to be a raven and mimic the voices I hear so that I can blend in too?

How about the amazing trilogy of books that I just finished?

What about telling you about my love of words and language going beyond adapting what I hear and how I speak after listening to include what I’ve read and how I write because of it?

My WIP’s?

How about how a single girl cooks for herself?

My latest issues with being that single woman?

All those can wait while I tell you about my joy with 2 whole beautiful, sunny days and my intense concern for Sisu who managed to hurt her right forepaw while at mile 3.5, the furthest point, of our walk then bolting after a fox for 2 miles and then barely being able to make it into town before needing to be carried back home. Yes, carried. Halfway over my shoulders like a lamb, halfway in my arms like a baby. It was testament to how much her paw hurt that with no wiggling and just a few noses and kisses to my ear that we went the last half mile. No real damage done as there is no swelling or winces when I play with her paw and leg, shes just not putting pressure on it if she can help it. She has been recovering by sleeping on the couch in the sun and we are taking the day off of walkies to give her a good rest.

I’ll tackle the other topics in the next few days and I have pictures to share too!