While I don’t have photos of the snow and wind to show off, I do have a rather frosty photo of myself.  It was a very, very cold walk, one with blowing and stinging snow and bundling was essential.

Sisu kept her ears folded back the whole time, the way she does when the wind blows hard, I suspect so she doesnt get ear aches and can still hear things going on around her.  Her ears haven’t been perked outside in almost a week and while Nelson Lagoon has less than 3′ of snow, that snow is constantly moving about and is truly a PITA.  I spent 2 hours shoveling out the drive only to have to do it again 2 days later because the wind shifted and blew it all back again.  Quite frustrating.

And speaking of frustrating, take a look at my Estes Vest in progress:

Can you see my frustrations?

Look here: See the length difference?  Yup, that’s frustrating.

And here: Note the miss crosses of the cables.  Not just one cable but both of the Rope and the Horseshoe cables too.  In multiple places.  Frustrating indeed.

So heres where I was on Thursday evening: Frogged and planning for the future 🙂

When I cast on a few moments after the photo, I cast on to knit the vest in one piece instead of sections.  I actually only got through the cast on, the set-up row and the first cable row before bed but all was good and I was feeling much happier about knitting the vest just in those three rows.  Friday included re-writing instructions so that I could easily follow all in one instead of looking at the originals and translating in my head as I went.  Not challenging at all up to the armpits.  I already had to write the cable charts out on graph paper because none of the three cables repeat together.  The hexagons twist on 1 and 5 of the 8 rows, ropes twist on 3 and 11, horseshoes on 1 and 3 of 11.  Totally confusing and really annoying and difficult to manage without rewriting.  I dont think I am the only knitter who had/has issues with this so I wish that IK would have been a bit more consumer friendly and put them together in the first place.   I havent written out past the armholes yet because on one front says to CO for arm holes on the wrong side (WS) and the other on the right side (RS).  Now I could easily do what the instructions say and do one on the RS and the other on the WS but there really is no need to because its all being done as one.  I’ve got at least 18 more rows of waist increases to do before thinking about it so I am good for now.

One of the joys of bulky wool is that it works up quickly but one of the downsides of knitting in one piece is ALL the stitches you have to get through before getting to one end or another.  When I start to think “Holy Cats, this row is taking forever!” I remind myself that no matter how long it takes, its much shorter than any, save the neck and sleeve ribbing, rows of Kelpie.  And it makes me keep going.  Well, that and my love for cables.