There are many up and down sides of being and living single.  The first up is that I can have a yarn filled living room table like this:

and no one can complain about it.  Another up is that I can have a fiber shelf with my wheel sitting next to it below a picture window;

2 totes of yarn and one of natural fiber and handspun and a bookshelf with 2 of the 3 shelves with knitting books/magazines;

two other shelves in the living room that have yarn and accoutrements

AND can play knitting or history podcasts or Sherlock Holmes/Mary Russell audiobooks as my background noise and no one says anything about hearing something for the 1st or eleventy-billionth time.  I also can go for walkies whenever I want without asking someone else to join me because Sisu is ALWAYS ready to go.

The downsides include little things like not having anyone to play Boggle with me,

eating leftovers for at least 3 days, only having a few things in the fridge that are within the use-by date and learning how to cook for one while actually following portion sizes (!) not just what I’m used to.

A further downside is having to wait for a new batch of ranch dressing to thicken because, though Sisu likes the leftover dressing after my salad, she doesnt pour it from the jar and had no idea that I used the last of it and failed to make more.  I need to train her better.

The Knitting Olympics (a la Yarn Harlot) and the Ravelympics (Ravelry) have been “THE” thing that has been talked about on podcasts, message boards and blogs but, short of this single entry, you wont find it here.  Not that I don’t think that the idea is neat but more because that the moment I join something, I stop playing.  I can follow along with something all on my own for weeks, even months, but saying that I join something always takes the wind out of my sails.  I wish I knew why this is and why I do this but I don’t.  So I don’t persue it and rarely ‘join’ anything publicly.  In reference to the Knitting Olympics/Ravelympics, I like the idea of pushing yourself to finish something that will be a challenge for you.  Sadly, while not playing well with others, I also fail spectacularly at knitting on a deadline.  The only knitting deadline that I am good at following is Christmas.  Ask my Mum.  She will tell you about the socks that I intended for her Christmas that became a Birthday gift (July 31) the year after, Mothers Day that came the following Christmas and then the Birthday socks that came for St. Valentines Day.  Ask my Sister who got her Christmas socks for the following Birthday (September 29) but please don’t ask her about the slippers I promised her 2 years ago for Christmas which I still haven’t knit.  So here I am, knitting on the projects that I had going already, not watching the Olympics (because I don’t have TV for anything other than movies) and checking medal stats online in the morning after reading my comics.  Yes, I know that the Olympics are a huge deal and the athletes competing are immensely talented and that I am just a bit out of the worldly loop…but what else do you expect from this singleton who lives with her Sisu dog in a village of 55 on a sand spit jutting into the Bearing Sea?