Since this is going to be a quite picture laden post, I thought I would put them in as thumbnails instead of their usual size.  As always, click to en-biggen.

First up…WIP’s!

My Estes Vest in KP’s Swish Bulky in Celestial

Creamsicle socks in Waffle Rib

Mod Chic socks in Slip-Stitch Rib

Spunky Club of May 09, “Pansy” which is really quite beautiful.  I took these shots last night and then spun the roving you see into the 4th bobbin.  This 4oz will become a bulky 4 ply and I dont know what I’m going to do with the other 4oz yet.

Next up…FO’s!

The first of two, “Wham, Bam, Thank you Lamb” gaiters.  This one was my Vera handspun knit with the yarn single and 35 stitches instead of 25.  The second I tried with the yarn doubled and the pattern as written and I don’t like it as much.  This one is currently being worn by my friend and co-worker, M as you will see in pictures further down the page.

“Soul Windows”, the April 09 Spunky Club fiber.  It is SW Corriedale & Nylon and was spun to become sock yarn and already is on its way to becoming the Rocky Butte socks, which I cast on for just after taking pictures for the post so y’all will have to wait for the next WIP update to see how they are looking.  This was the first time that I have purposely tried to spin for socks and I have to say, I am very, very happy with how the yarn has come out.

Finally, I have some winter-y pictures to share.  My last post talked of Mother Natures rage but not 20 minuets later, the snow stopped.  The wind continued until about 3pm and then abated and we had a beautiful, sun-filled and clear evening that was relatively warm (mid to high 30’s).  I learned an important lesson that day too.  If Sisu wants to come back inside after only being out for 5 minutes at lunch, I probably dont want to go for our lunchtime walkies.  It took me 35 minutes to walk the mile down and just a shade less than 15 to walk back.  Going down was like walking against a rushing tide.  I felt like I was barely making headway and my muscles were shaky when I got to the boat yard from working so hard to keep me moving and upright.  Coming back was a trial of not tripping over my own feet as the wind buffeted against me and tried to toss me into the rushes.  And then it warmed up again.  We’re talking high 30’s to mid-40’s so the little snow that we have looks like this:

Sisu loves the snow.  So much so that the first thing that she does once outside, no matter how much fresh water is in her bowl inside, is to eat a mouthful.

The ice floes on the inside beach are beautiful to watch slowly float by, even pretty to pose with

You can see that Sisu was bored with the whole process of posing and getting our tag-alongs out of the shot.  A good picture with her is next to impossible as she is quite camera shy and always puts her ears back.  The only way to succeed is to catch her by surprise.

But I am kicking myself for not remembering to pocket my camera last Sunday when I went for walkies on the outside beach because I failed to capture the amazing towers of floes and massive blocks of sea ice that were in with the high tide.  The beach is quite empty without them but I know that the next high tide will wash them back my way.  The snow on the frozen beach is so much fun for the dogs to track in.  Fun for me too and apparently fun for the foxes (the little tracks parallel to mine) as well but I highly doubt that the bird enjoyed it as much

The clear sunny days on the frozen beach let me get some much needed sun on my face, so much so that the next morning I thought that I was rather grubby before realising that I had merely gotten a bit tan on my face and that because the scarf and vest covered everything below my chin, thats why the dark area was limited to my face!

I promised M that the photo I posted of us would be equally unflattering and I dont think you can get any worse than blotchy, bleached and blurry 🙂  See her wearing the beautiful Vera gaiter?  I smile every time I see her wearing it because “I MADE that and she WEARS it” crows in my head.

The very best thing about wandering in the winter that that few people (not that there are that many people here to begin with, 55 right now) adventure onto the beach very often.  This leaves me free to collect as I go and increases the chances of me finding beach glass and glass balls.  Sunday I found a perfect small green glass ball which was still clear and not sandblasted.  It was 3/4 buried in sea ice (nasty, slushy stuff) and had to be dug up.  Yesterday I found this piece winking at me in the slowly setting sun.  Its nice that we have sun until a bit later in the evenings now.  Its about 6:30 before it gets dark now and I am glad of it.  If it had gotten darker any earlier, I might have missed seeing this last thing and missed out on laughing so hard that I nearly wet myself.

Its growing, its green and there are brand-new shoots every day.  Crazy Mother Nature.  Doesn’t she know its February in Alaska?