While I find it hard to believe that it is already February 8th and not sometime in early January still, it is wonderful to note that it is finally starting to look like winter here in Nelson Lagoon.  Our weather has hovered between mid-30’s and the low 50’s with only the barest sprinklings of snow up until last week when the bottom dropped out and were launched into the teens…still with very little snow.

Today, Mother Nature seems to be making up for her calm demeanor over the past 4 months and is unleashing herself with furious abandon with not only cold but snow and wind too.  We’re looking at gusts up to 70 knots (80.6 mph) (1 knot=1.15 mph) with an interesting blend of tiny, icy snow, big, fluffy flakes and dry snowflakes too.  Yesterday was beautifully sunny and warm-ish (40’s) with very little wind but it was the calm before the big storm.  I went on a long walk on the beach with Sisu, who has been missing beach walks as I have been walking on the road for the most part, and on our way out had to pull off some layers because the reflection of the sun on the snow added with the shelter of the ice floes on the beach made the wind chill almost nil and gave me some much needed colour to my cheeks!  The major downside of today is that you never know when the wind is going to whip back up.  2 minuets ago I could barely see the street because of the swirling snow and had a roaring in my ears.  It was the sudden quiet that made me look up and outside again to see things clearly and almost be able to see individual flakes.  Crazy weather!  For our normal lunchtime walk Sisu will just have to be content with walking with me until the wind picks up again because at that point, I’m turning around and will luckily have it at my back to urge me home again!  Maybe we’ll get in the 2 miles, maybe no, but I’m hoping for both our sakes it will stay this calm until 1 🙂

I need to take some new pictures of WIPs for posterity but here is an update to tide you over until later tonight…

I’ve finally cast on for the Estes Vest, which I have drooled over and loved since I first saw in in the Fall 08 of IK.  I ended up frogging a sweater I had been working on for the yarn, KP’s Swish Bulky in a beautiful navy blue.  It will get much more wear as a vest than it ever would as a sweater.

I was able to get more yarn and continue with my self-designed sweater and lucky, lucky me, the dyelots match exactly.  I am still alternating rounds of old and new when it comes to the sleeves (I’ve past that point on the body already) but, even with a few years in between, I got really lucky that there wasnt any major change in dye recipe.

As always, there are socks in the works.  My Creamsicle socks are really orange waffle socks and coming up nicely though I am only 4 pattern repeats in.  My first of the Duet socks is almost done…I have no idea why it has taken me so long but I hope that the second goes faster.

Spinning news and pictures to come later