Some days it just takes me a little while longer to get posting.  Take this post…I knew I wanted to make it on Sunday, uploaded the pictures on Monday and only now, Tuesday afternoon, am I sitting down to focus to write it.  Not that its anything big or well thought out, just my usual random ramblings.  Showing off my finished socks…

Cherry Tree Hill DK 100% Superwash Merino in the “Pickle Juice” colourway knit 2 by 2 rib, toe up (Judys Magic Cast On) Magic Loop on 2’s.  I had split the ball into 2 skeins and actually, it was nearly a perfect split and the socks are nice and long, just how I like them.  I did short row heels and while I think I could have made the foot 4-5 rows shorter and still been OK, I think that these will wear nicely and be a good template for future socks. 

These were finished about the same time we were experiencing this kind of weather…

So they were perfect and kept my toes toasty warm.  Don’t be fooled by her ears being folded back, she doesnt like having her picture taken and was in “play” a second later.  See?

Also on my needles are two pairs of socks (Duet Middy in Mod Chic and OnLine in Creamsicle(self titled))

and one of the many baby socks (finished and woven in last night), this one is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Chinook.  Someone said, ‘like the Chinook Pass’ but I see it like the salmon, what I call a “King”.  I’ve seen all these colours in the fish so it makes it perfect for socks from the wild, Alaskan auntie to give fish-inspired socks 🙂  The stitch pattern is Jaywalkers.

The mystery sweater is still on hold as I wait for Knit Picks to get more Spruce WOTA in stock.  I have 2 balls left but I need those 2 to help blend in the other balls which will come from a different dye lot.  Now, I know better than to use 2 different dye lots but as I wasnt going to knit another pair of Felted Clogs from this yarn, there is very little I can do that will fit me with only 770 yards of wool.  I wont give non-superwash wool as gifts to anyone other than fellow knitters because of the felting potential and I want to use the yarns I have in my stash, thus, the blending of the two dye lots.  I think it will be just fine but knock on wood for me just in case.

Off the wheel is Myrtle (of which I MUST buy more in the future).  4 ounces I 3 plied, 4 ounces I Navajo plied.  I’m not sure which I like more.  The 3 ply is all tweedy and the colours blend so well, I really love it but the N-ply is gradual changes and even-ness.  I love them both.  Here is the 3 ply for your viewing enjoyment 🙂  The N-ply was still drying when I took the photos so y’all will just have to wait to see that one.

On the wheel now is Spunky Club April ’09 “Soul Windows”,

a Corriedale/Nylon blend which is going to become sock yarn so I split 4oz in half and am spinning each 2 oz into a long single to be N-plied to become, eventually, a pair of socks.  I love the grabby nature of this yarn and think that it will be very pretty when done.  I’m not such a fan of it in the fiber but as its being spun…yummy.  Pictures of the yarn in progress to come soon.  Eventually I’ll be caught up and able to spin with the group!  My personal goal, not stated anywhere else, is that during the Olympic week (because I don’t have TV, I wont be watching), I will spin like a mad woman and get through a few months.  I know that there arn’t many (any?) wheeled sports in the winter Olympics and really, knitting seems more right for the Winter Games, but this year and this time around, spinning is it for me.

I’m thinking about starting the “Wham, Bam, Thank you Lamb“(Rav link only) neck garter/cowl with my handspun Vera and with 370 yards, I know I would have enough to do about 3.  I’ll see how it works just knit with one strand and then may modify as needs be.  I need something like this for my neck covering while I am outside (yup, outside) running (yup, running!) around the airport.  The wind here can be vicious and while I dont always run on the super windly days, I AM always out on my walks with Sisu and I’ll take every bit of caulking I can get.  Something superwash, wool, warm and simple…I think this project is it!  Well, that an the size 8 needles, which is a great change from my 1’s, so my hands are happy too!