I’ve been spinning for 2 years now, have used a niddy noddy for every skein spun during those 2 years and ONLY NOW did I realise that I have been counting my yardage wrong.

I have the Lendrum Two-In-One Niddy Noddy which has both a 1 and 2 yard shaft. I use the 2 yard shaft for everything and NEVER thought that to properly calculate my yardage I would count the time around and then multiply by 2 to get my final yardage. Um, yeah. This is what I get for thinking *head desk*

I never ‘wanted’ to ask such a basic question and really and honestly, it was unfathomable to me that I wouldnt just wind the newly plyed yarn on the niddy noddy, count the times I wrapped it and then that number would give me my yardage.  Which is OK…except for remembering that I was creating 2 yard loops.  Ouch.

I feel so dopey but at least the upside is that I have a lot more handspun than I though!! Here I was wondering how people were getting so much more yardage than I could ever get from my 4oz of fibres. Sheesh!  I finished the second 4oz of the Myrtle colourway from the Spunky Eclectic March and wound off this beautiful, tweedy, worsted-weight yarn.  When I looked at it, I knew that there was no spinnin’ way that the skein I was holding was only 81 yards.  I dont think that I can possibly spin that bulky on purpose and considering the frog hair I had spun with the other 4 ounces, it was hard to get it this thick.

Pictures to come soon but for right now, I’m off to relabel my skeins, N-ply the other 4oz of Myrtle and look at drafting the April Club of “Soul Windows” which will certainly be spun to be socks as it is Corredale/Nylon mix.