If you know me in real life or have read any of my other posts here at all, you will know that I am, quite unashamedly, a HUGE nerd. I am usually so single-mindedly enthusiastic about all things fiber related that many other things are excluded. For example, this Christmas was all about the Woolee Winder for me. Until yesterday…

I got my Christmas box from my Mum, sister, BIL and nephew and great googly moogly, it was the best box ever. It was a “stocking box “and as stockings are always and have always been the best part of Christmas morning for me, this was so amazing and totally made my year. For starters, Mum had wrapped each present individually and put a personal note on each one. This was a nod to the daily letters she would write to me and stick in my summer camp luggage; one for each day I was gone. I went to that camp for 10 years and I still have some of those notes and cherish each one. These little gifts all had notes that referenced memories, teased about contents and in general told of her great love for me. I read and unwrapped my “stocking box” gifts with my Mum on the phone 5,000 miles away and loved every second of “Oohs”, “Aahhs” and “Wow!” that we shared. It was magical to have her ‘there’ with me while I opened this amazing gift.

The Top 3 gifts? Very easy to pick. #3 of the coolest things was from my BIL, JB (Using both initial so as not to be confused with my sister J. I’m so glad they named their son C!). He found and added this very amazing and quite fitting candy bar all on his own. JB and I aren’t very close and don’t know each other well because of the miles that have nearly always been between us. Between Northern Ireland, Lower Michigan, Washington and now Alaska, we really haven’t had lots of time together but really, this gift shows that he does know at least what I consider to be the biggest part of me:

#2 was from my sister. We aren’t very similar and really, apart from some very obscure references to operettas and a few photos, you would be hard-pressed to tell we were sisters. She is, however, a wonderful recipient of my hand-knits so I will keep her and continue our relations ☺ Every once in a while, she surprises me with what she remembers about me and it always brings a ‘Squee!’ to my voice, causes my mother to laugh at us and lets us talk and bond over something quite silly. This year J remembered something that I loved and made sure that it was sent to me:

I just love the Christmas Nerds but have never seen them in a store since I was in the UP. A few years ago I asked J to look at ShopKo for them for me my first Christmas in Alaska and she totally came through for me. This year she came through again and I didn’t even have to ask! Thanks J, they are perfect!

The number 1 gift is beyond words. It was the first thing that I opened and something that I had been asking for and wanting since I had my first Christmas away from home in 2000. Opening this gift brought me to tears and I quite literally started crying on the phone and had a very hard time stopping. It was like I was home with my family right there and then. I told my mother that, no matter what else was in the box, I could not open another thing and this would be just perfect. I am almost 30 years old and my best gift ever is something that I cant remember having a Christmas without…Merry Christmas by Sesame Street.

The Original cover and inside fold

(Trust me, you want to click on the inside fold and take a closer look.  Its worth the wait time for the picture to load)

Originally released in 1979, my Mum had it re-recorded on a CD for me and now I have a copy of my very own, scratchy record sound and everything and really, thats what makes it the perfect gift.  Even before I could reach the record player, this has been my Christmas music of choice and I HAD to have it playing while we decorated the Christmas tree, no matter how old I got.  The record itself has a few scratches and clicks and the cover is just about loved to bits.  I have When I started asking for this back in 2000, my Mum didnt believe that I was seriously asking for Sesame Street anything at that age and I’ve asked for this Every.Single.Year, and finally, my wishes and hopes were answered and I couldnt be happier.  There are so many memories of listening to these songs and stories that even now, my 4th time through the CD today, my cup runneth over.  The year I sang with The Count, “All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth”, trying every year, quite unsuccessfully, to sing the Spanish songs with Luis and Maria and laughing at myself when I remember that it wasnt until my Freshman year in High School that I realized that Bert and Ernie’s Christmas Story was really “The Gift of the Magi” in a clever disguise, despite the fact that I had read it, EVERY YEAR in A Story A Day Till Christmas, published in 1989.  Yes, there was a re-release of some of the music on a “Sesame Street Christmas” CD but it wasnt the same.  They left out some of the best bits and added in Elmo and because of the last part alone, I’ll pass.  Replacing Grover with Elmo is just wrong in my 80’s steeped Sesame Street memories.

You may think I’m touched but nothing, no nothing, will replace this gift on the pinnacle of my “Gifts Received”.  I don’t care how old I get, there is always a special place in my heart and my Christmas Essentials playlist for Sesame Streets Merry Christmas.

Mom, I know it seems so silly to be so emotional about a piece of vinyl turned to plastic, but I really don’t have the words to express how amazingly meaningful this gift is to me.  Thank you, a million, zillion times over, Thank you.