By the demand of Brightonwoman, here you can see my Wee Ones.  The first is the flash photo and the other without.  This was a difficult shot to arrange because of the nature of the beasts.  If they aren’t wrangled into working with my knitting, the Sisu ones can be found trying to herd the moose closer, chase the bear away and just plain barking at the beaver.

I fully admit to thinking that Sisu needs a few sheep to herd or that maybe I need some sushi to snack on, or elephants?  I know for sure that a fox will need to be added to my collection as a nod to the foxes that haunt the dump.  Maybe a raven (for Sitka), pelican (for Pelican), anchor (for Anchorage), a fish (for fishing), a bald eagle (cause Sisu makes sure to chase them off, whenever she sees them) and a puffin (for all the sea birds out here) too?

Its an addiction but really, I’ll take all the “Little Companions for Life” that I can get and considering how much knitting I do, they are totally put to good use!