If you have been following my blog for the past 2 weeks you will have seen a steady flow of posts.  A far cry from the twice a month slump that I fell into for a while.  This every to every other day posting is my attempt to create a writing habit for myself to create both fodder for the blog and for my personal writing project.  I have absolutely no idea where the personal writing will go, besides a folder on my desktop, but its good to get the story ideas out of my head and onto the screen so they wont be lost forever in my fantasy life.

I’ll be stopping the numbered days post titles after this one so you can look forward to my traditional bad puns again as titles.  I liked the idea of kicking off my writing habit with the count down to epiphany.  Growing up, January 5th was the last night to enjoy the Christmas tree as it would come down on the 6th.  It was always a bittersweet time and right now, I wish I had the task to look forward to tomorrow.  On the other hand, it *is* nice not to have to think about all the needles that would need to be vacuumed up and boxes to be put away!

To celebrate the 12th night, there will be a ‘feast’ for dinner.  I’m thinking about angel hair pasta with tomatoes, broccoli, shrimp and lots of garlic.  The tomatoes and broccoli will not be fresh or even frozen, rather dried and re-hydrated.  I tend to cook a lot with dehydrated foods that I bought from Harmony House Foods.  I started Nelson Lagoon life with a medium sized “Pantry Stuffer” and an extra large Veggie Soup mix.  Considering the cost of fresh food which, because of the nature of being in Alaska, is nearly always tasteless because it had to be picked so early to make the trip up here, these packages were well worth the cash in taste alone.  This doesnt even cover the convience of having all these veggies at my finger tips without needing much prep time and without the fear of them becoming spoilt.

Lets go back to the taste though because they really are almost as good as fresh, ripe anythings.  Its hard for me to say that because I love fresh veggies more than any food there is but really, even without the shrimp or crab or anything else to it, pasta tossed with a few tablespoons of rehydrated tomatoes, a bit of garlic and olive oil is like summer in your mouth.  The pure tomato taste is so…so…well, so *happy* and just so close to real fresh that I am able to forget the fact that I havent had a real tomato in over 5 years…almost.

While I cant comment on the taste of the leeks, jalapenos, zucchini, shallots or mushrooms, I can say that a few tablespoons of onions rehydrated saute up quite nicely and I dont even like onions!  The only veg that I don’t like re-hydrated would have to be the peas.  I really love fresh/frozen peas and I had high hopes for a dish of ‘steamed’ peas but they just don’t rehydrate well.  If I soak them in freshly boiled water, there always is a crunchy center.  Boiling them doesnt help much either as they get mushy once all the way soft.  Mashed peas, traditionally called mushy peas, has never been top of my list.  But for everything that I like, the peas are an OK trade off.