This Christmas season has been…quite slow for me.  Its been a time for movies, books “on tape”, podcasts, spinning, knitting and long walks with Sisu.  In general, everything that I normally do but without work.  I clean up after my own messes so there is little to clean/tidy and as most people in town are spending time with their families, its pretty quiet for me.  Not much special being done but I have been busy.

The Lucy Bag is still in handle hell.  It is going to be the longest part of the bag, I know it.  Made worse by the fact that I don’t really *like* making felted projects anyway.  To put in all that work and then shrink it?  I’d rather not but this pattern has been looking at me for about 3 years and this yarn needed a good project.  I’ll eventually finish it and give it away 🙂

The Mod Chic socks are in process and I am thinking about tearing back to before the gusset and shortening them a bit.  This would be why I dislike toe-up socks.  While you can try them on along the way, getting the measurement right for the gusset and then the heel flap is tricky and having too much foot is a PITA that I’d rather not deal with.  I’m thinking about changing my top-down pattern to include a provisional cast on so that I can knit more to the top when I am done with both feet and toes.  Something will happen 🙂

I’m doing this toe-up with a short row heel which, while easy for me to make, I don’t think short row heels wear as well as heel flaps do.

This WIP is the first in a pair of Baby Jaywalkers.  I haven’t made a pair of adult sized ones but I think that I will in the future!  I like the pattern and its easy to memorize.  While I dont know if these will fit nephew C or Eagle B, I know that eventually there will be another person having a baby!  Maybe for my college friends Coming-In-April addition, Ambric (combination of parents names)?

I’m slowly working my way through Navajo plying this very full bobbin of Lornas Laces 100% Superwash Merino in the Vera colourway.  Slow and steady and seeing very little progress but I know that there *IS* progress as the bobbin I am plying onto has a few layers.  I LOVE the Woolee Winder for plying as it means I can fully focus on the motion of my hands and the slow treadling.

My Vail continues to stare and openly mock me.  Its not that it is difficult to work at all.  Stranded knitting is, while not simple, an easy technique for me to knit.  My difficulty with this sweater is that the chart is so long that its hard to balance and therefore follow.  I’m in two minds about this sweater because while I LOVE the finished object and I really like what I have done so far, I really don’t like flopping around with the pattern and it annoys me enough to want to frog.

The real big thing that I’ve been doing is designing.  I watched a movie, 8 really, but found the inspiration for what I think is going to be a very, very cool, er, warm, sweater that is both feminine, delicate, hard-wearing and strong all at the same time.  Stay tuned!

Christmas was a 4 day weekend, New Years was a 3 day weekend and with Russian Christmas coming on Thursday (13 days after 12/25 Christmas), we have that off too in a nod to the vast majority of Russian Orthodox Christians on the Aleutian Chain (and Alaska in general for obvious reasons).  In the non-village world I would be bouncing all over the place for another day off but here, with my already slowed pace of life and doing the things that really make me happy, its just going to be another day.