Or, Re-Post of 7th day and beginning the 8th

So, some of you may have been able to see my short-lived post entitled “7th day funnies” and they were very funny. I liked this one the best:

Somehow however, the post got eaten by the interweb monster.  In summary, it talked about how I *should* post about the amazingness of the end of the year and the coolness of ending the year with a blue moon.  But I didn’t because in all likelihood, it would end with me cleaning, doung laundry and being in bed before midnight.

In reality, the last day of 2009 saw me starting the morning with my traditional cup of caffeine (Earl Grey tea with a splash of condensed milk and a touch of sugar), spinning and listening to Animal Vegetable Miracle before heading to work, filling our medicine vending machine (its how we get prescriptions Right Now in the village and pretty much look like this when empty), convincing my good friend and co-worker that she really *could* walk 4 miles with me and survive, watching my dog frolic on this walk with her doggy boyfriend and tire them both out, spinning while my iPod (not exactly that one, mine is 120GB) updated, cleaning my house while simutaniously listening to podcasts, vacuuming and cursing the sand that covers everything, watching both Enchanted and G.I Joe, eating King Crab legs and green beans, knitting, spinning the last few ounces of Vera (and loving my Woolee Winder every ounce of the way), talking to my Mum on the phone, going to bed, reading on my Kindle, rubbing my dogs belly and going to sleep.  All while dressed in my classic uniform of jeans, long-sleeve t-shirt, cardigan and hand-knit socks and all classically and routinely me.

I’d been thinking about why I havent been a New Years Eve celebrater since I was a kid…and really, there is no big reason.  I think that it comes from not being a night person and coming from a family that has never been big partiers.  I cant remember the last time we had any kind of get-together that went late into the night with the exception of air travel or long drive restricted reunions.  Driving from Uni was a nearly 8 hour endevor in good weather and longer in bad.  It once took me 15 hours to get back to school from Christmas break because of snow, a short but unnecessary trip to a rural Michigan ER and a good friend being afraid to let any of the other girls drive his car.  Since my Mum reads the blog, we wont talk about the drive that took about 6 hours that my sister and I made.  My flights from AK traditionally get in at obscene hours and leave at even worse ones.  After teary reunions at the airport, there is always a nearly 2 hour drive home and, despite the long talk on the way home, there is always more to share face to face on the couch until late or early.

I’m a morning person and really, it was so much nicer for me to get up in the still, quiet dark and watch the village get slowly lighter as the new year dawned.  Well, sorta dawned.  Last night a heavy fog rolled in and blocked my view of my neighbors across the street and this morning isnt much better.  While the wind conditions were perfect for fireworks(we had none), this causes very heavy, cant see your nose fogs.  My friend who was going to set off fireworks decided to save them for tonight (hopefully).

While I can see my neighbours now, I cant see more than 2 miles which means that the wind we were supposed to be having all week is still nowhere in sight.  Well, it wouldnt be in sight because its *wind* but, well, you know what I mean.

I like making resolutions on my Birthday.  Its the start of a whole new year for me and a great time for new beginnings.  To start, for most people, a new lifestyle in the middle of winter just seems crazy to me.  As I have an end of August birthday, it makes sense for me to resolve a ‘new me’ then.  Instead, I saved my 2010 additions to my 101 in 1001 list for unveiling today.  There are 4 brand-new goals for me to work towards and I am looking forward to acheiving them.

#94: Knit 3 vests of different styles with at least 1 being of my own design.

#95: Design and knit one pair of mittens.

#96: Knit 2 things using patterns from 365 Knitting Sitches a Year

#97: “Bite it, Write it and Move on” for 3 months

Of those that need to be re-written, #80, which was “Go to Sock Summit”, has become, “Take Pictures of all Finished Objects Immediately”.  This has come from my relisation that, while I finished a good deal of knitwear and spun alot in 2009, if one were to look at my photos you would think that I had knit only a baby sweater, 1 adult sweater, 5 baby socks, blocked a shawl and began spinning projects.  You wouldnt know that there was also another baby sweater, 5 more baby socks, another 2 adult sweaters, 2 pairs of adult socks, 2 hats (one from handspun and personally designed), a lace cowl and spun and finished 3 yarns.  I need to take pictures and keep up with my #72: Photograph all WIP’s every other week and #73: Update Ravelry every other week.

Happy New Year everyone.  I know I am looking forward to an AMAZING year and I hope you are too.