A few years ago you would have seen me eating salad daily in the summer with only bites of grilled chicken in between.  Lots of canning and freezing with my family would provide a well stocked pantry and chest freezer for the winter.

For the past few years, my ability to put away anything home grown has been limited to, well, nil.  While in southeast, I was able to help put by a lot of venison but nothing I grew myself.

A year in Anchorage had me going to farmers markets but again, nothing did I grow.

These past 6 months began with the idea that I would be able to have at least a window garden and that went out the window with the cost of building a window box (or even buying one), shipping in dirt (it is ALL sand here) and just being able to start seeds or plants being insanely prohibitive.  I did a bit of gathering of wild strawberries and caught some salmon myself for my freezer but it has been the veggies that I miss more than anything.  I havent tasted a REAL, fresh tomato since Seattle/Bellevue days back in 2004 and if there was anything to take me away from Alaska, tomatoes would be it.  Its the hardest part of living in a rural area, to go without fresh anything.  Yes, I could get fresh things from the nearest store but then I couldnt pay rent so its really not an option.  Lucky for me, sometimes there is a good friend who comes into the village from town and brings a bag of riches with them.

2 Hearts of Romaine, A bunch of celery, 2 tomatoes and a mixed bag of cauliflower, broccoli and baby carrots.  There were tacos last night for dinner with more lettuce than anything and there will be a salad for lunch.  Granted, they taste nothing like really fresh and summer ripe veggies but after 2 months on nothing fresh and green passing my lips, they taste like heaven on their own.

On the creative front, I have been having a Field Day with my Woolee Winder.  I just love it and am spinning like mad.  I finished the Autumn Skies roving from Lime and Violet and while I love the yarn I made, I’m less than happy with the dye job.  Before I ‘finished’ the yarn in a basin of hot water and Soak wool wash it was a beautiful blend of plum with hints of blue and forest green.  Sadly the plum wasnt quite fixed enough and in the finishing the water turned a deep purple and bled out onto the rest of the yarn creating an all over purple hue with no more blue and green.  Would this stop me from buying more from them?  Oh heck no and a good thing too as I have 15 braids of Intentions roving to work with!

If there is anyone that I would want to Be When I Grow Up it is Miss Violet.  Reading her blog and listening to Lime and Violet and following along her path of creativity, she makes me want to be a more creative person and follow my ideas no matter how mad they seem at first.  This would be why I am thinking about buying into the 500 Pencils.  It seems quite crazy for a person to do who doesnt draw but there is something about this that is so inspiring.  Grand total, $660 for 500 coloured pencils.  Quite mad, as there are still pencils on my desk that I havent used.  Insane as I dont draw save for filling in squares when designing new hat patterns.  Like Eliza, I think its nuts to spend that much money on something that I cant eat, shelter or clothe myself in.  I’m not big on “having things” as evidenced by my ability to pack my entire belongings into 6 boxes.  In evidence of my sanity, I wont think of the pencils myself any more but support Elizas creative genius and her Chroma project.  Maybe I can come up with a pattern to be posted there with one of her amazing scents…just maybe.  Who knows what can happen in the new year?  Maybe I’ll even tell her what an inspiration she has been over the past years of my listening to LnV over and over again.  Not in a stalker-ish way, just in a, ‘there is so much to get out of this episode I’ll need to listen to it again’ way.  In the way that I still go back to old episodes as a stand-by for having friends in the house instead of just me and Sisu.  We always come across those people who never know how much of an inspiration they have been.  V, you are mine.