One of the things that I really enjoy about myself is my ‘stick-to-it-tive-ness’. Now, I know that it isn’t a proper word, but it has personal significance so we’ll just overlook my Hardingesque qualities and continue with the post.

With the new year peeking from around the corner, I am taking a new look at myself and really analysing my 101 in 1001.  While there has been some progress on this list this past year, I have also realised that there were a few things on my list that I set at an a) unacheivable b) unrealistic or c) undesired.

#7.    Borrow and read 3 books a month from the Library – 96

Now this one wouldnt seem like its a big deal but when you live in a place WITHOUT a library; it kind of puts the kibbosh on that plan.

8.    Watch 9 movies a month

My original plan was to use my Netflicks to work thru these but with my remote location it makes getting the movies, dropping them off to be mailed in time for the flight which only comes 3 days a week, having good enough weather for planes to fly, waiting for the next batch to come creates a degree of difficulty that I hadnt really planned on and watching movies shouldnt have a degree of difficulty.

14.    Hike the Superior Trail
15.    Visit Hawaii
16.    Visit all of UK
17.    Visit Marquette 3 times – 3

78.    Go to OR fiber festival
79.    Go to MI fiber festival

Um…No.  I may be able to do one of these, possibly two.  I HAVE to get to Marquette to see my nephew (and sister, BIL and Mum) and I really want to get back to the UK but I think that a hike on the Superior Trail and a visit to Marquette are more within my reach because they can be rolled into one..  Not because of money because I know how to do all these things cheaply but more for the time element and the strategy of physically leaving Nelson Lagoon.  Well, that and I have a dog that I hate to leave.

22.    Shave once a week – 143

Nope.  Don’t wanna, no point, can’t be bothered and I’m lazy.  Besides, I dont wear skirts out here.  In town I wore them at least 2 days a week.  Out here there is too much wind for functional skirt wearing.  If I move again, I may reconsider this task.

31.    Workout ‘Biggest Winner’ 4 days a week May -?

Now, I know there are those of you out there who can workout at home.  I am not one of you.  Sisu doesnt like it when I am bouncing around and not focusing on/playing with her and gets physical by pawing me.  I know that working out is important but looking like I’ve been mauled is not most flattering.  I’ll stick to my 4 mile walks, thankingyouverymuch.

65.    Buy no more sock yarn until all existing stash has been used 2/24

Total and epic fail.  I just bought 8 skeins and as soon as they get here I’ll tell you more about them but trust me, Oh Baby, are they ever good and amazing.

(I have no idea why that bit is in italics, only that I cant change it.)

90.    Plant vegetable garden

Not while I live in Nelson Lagoon.  If I move to a place where I can get a window/porch box then you can bet your sweet bippy that I will have at least salad greens, radishes and some herbs but without potting soil and bearing in mind insane air freight prices, this is not really an option either.

Some of the things on the list I am quite proud of.  I have cataloged my yarn and fiber and have all my patterns in page protectors and in binders.  I put all my important documents into envelopes, marked them and have them filed carefully in a shoe box.  I went thru major purges of things (moving always helps) and have myself down to what I consider my bare essentials.  My TV watching has drifted to nil and while I havent been totally faithful about buying yarn and fiber, I have bought only what I love and what I have plans for.  The ones I am most happy with are the ones about research and simple personal goals.  Makes complete sense really.  In the next few days I will be thinking about and revising my 101 in 1001 again.  There are 4 spots that I need to fill and a few others that I need to re-do because of alterations and reality.

Any ideas?