Now that I have moved into the “new house”, I, once again, have Internet.  This is both a very good thing and a very bad one all at the same time.  I can post pictures to the blog…

I can send Christmas gifts from Etsy, I can update my Ravelry queue and stash, I can get the next few books in my 101 on my Kindle, I can buy fiber

Oh wait, I shouldn’t have mentioned that last one, especially since it broke my own rule about not buying anything for yourself between Thanksgiving and Christmas but LOOK at it!  Its so pretty in its blues and purple and it has the geeky connection with Harry Potter AND its Superwash Merino and Nylon so it will be the perfect yarn to spin to become my first pair of handspun and handknit socks!  I swear, that all I bought.  Both braids 🙂

On the Christmas front at Chez Sisu, we are not really decorated at all.

In fact, I only have up one thing. An Advent card that my Mum gave to me years ago that I just love.  While it doesn’t have any chocolates in it, it is sweet and prevents me from reaching the maximum amount of Advent calenders that any greedy person should have. (Link is to an amazing show.  Watch it and see where the quote comes in.)

Not because I’m being grinchy, in fact, after I post this, I’m going to make a cup of coffee and sit with my last piece of Christmas knitting and watch my all time favourite Christmas movie :

And really, I do have Christmas and Winter GelGems on the way so that I can decorate my windows with wintery decorations and lights that can stay up for the whole winter season like my Mum used to do with our Christmas lights that were always up until Easter 🙂 Honestly, they are very simple decorations that will pack almost flat and last for years and years.  Those, coupled with the ornaments that I am working on and I will be set.

And… I have a box of gifts that will go out tomorrow in the post to both my Mum and Sister and her family in MI but also out to my friend BrightonWoman who recently added to her family!

No, the real reason that I don’t have decorations up is this:

I have a job interview in Anchorage next week for a job that, if I get it, will start on January 1.  Which means a very quick move and the less that I have to think about re-packing, the better.  I’m very hopeful and I would love to get this job.  It is working back with students in campus life working closely with residence life, a field that I love very much.  Keep your fingers crossed for me and send special prayers on Wednesday, I know I can use all the help that I can get!!