Just a quick updates about some goings on around SisuGirl land:

* Ornaments are being knit at great speed. Not because I am in a rush but because they are going up SO fast. I thought for a moment about just blogging that I finished a sweater, scarf, two pieces of popcorn and a spring of holly but while the first two are OK in the knitting world, the last two may give you pause. Check out the kit HERE.

* The 101 in 1001 has been updated with some addendums, dones and alters. More changes to come in the near future 🙂

* Also with the 101 in 1001, I have updated my “stash” again, both fiber and yarns and photos can be found on my Picasa page because…

* Flickr hates my internet connection. It always thinks that I am disconnected so until I get a more solid connection, Picasa is it. Good thing I love the friendly interface and almost all things Google!  Lots of other pictures can be found on the Picasa page too.  Feel free to look around.

* I am looking at becoming a .Mac site with MobileMe. I love my Mac and would like to take advantage of some of the software that it has, especially since it all works together. I would hate to make yet another blog shift though so we shall see what happens. I really do enjoy working with WordPress and really, you cant beat the Free price tag.

* I am working on a very cool project involving glass fishing floats and handspun laceweight. Very, very cool if I do say so myself.

* Despite living in Alaska, I am not experiencing the normal cold weather associated with the month of December.  It was mid 40’s for the last few days and raining.  It finally stopped raining late this afternoon and left two HUGE ocean-like puddled in front of my house which, according to local lore, means that it will drop below freezing in the next few days and leave me hockey rinks on which to drive upon and try to execute the turn into my driveway without damage to company property (the house or the van).