First off, I have really like Interweave Knits (IK) since I initially discovered it in Fall ’05.  I had just really gotten into knitting and seeing a magazing full of patterns to aspire to knit was just what I needed.  Both the style of the garments and the magazine itself appealed to me.  Since then, IK has gone thru some magazine layout changes.  I liked the old, old layout when there was a picture followed by the pattern, the old way where the pictures were all at the front with notes on designer and page number for pattern and then all the patterns are at the back.  This new way?  Ick to the nth.  Sets of pictures in “collections” followed by the patterns again in collection repeated through the magazine.  Why?  Because its awkward to use.  None of the pictures of the items have page numbers with the designer name.  While there is a table of contents at the beginning, who wants to be flipping back an forth?  I guess the same people who like to have to search for the pattern they want.

Second, the cover states, “24 Best Knits for Winter Warmth”  Well, even if you count each of the staff projects, whos patterns can only be gleaned from the IK website, that only adds up to 23 projects that have any chance of keeping the knitter or the wearer warm.  Quite frankly, I would love to know how a knitted bag or knapsack or (quite beautiful and elegant) paper lantern covers will be keeping anyone warm.  On that same note, sweaters without closures or with short sleeves also have a more difficult time of providing warmth over those with closures or long sleeves.  Granted, I do live in Alaska and have different standards about warmth and function of clothing so that last comment needs to be taken as you will.

On the plus side, and really, there is one, I LOVE the Braided Riding Jacket, Icelandic Star and the Heritage Cardigan.  If I tweaked the pattern a bit to add shaping, the Aspinwall Pullover would be beautiful too.  All of the patterns have that certain something that catches my eye but when it gets down to it, I really marked more adverts to look up and add to my queue than the actual IK patterns.  Sorry Interweave but this issue really makes me question the worth of the subscription.