No, this has nothing to do with eating too much tomorrow and everything to do with having too much stuff.


I know that as you grow, you accumulate more “things”, but I also know that when I moved from MI to WA, I came with only the things that I could pack into suitcases.  2 large suitcases, a small carry on sided suitcase and a Jansport backpack with my laptop to be exact.  When M and J picked me up from the airport, they were very surprised and I fully remember telling M, “My mum always told me never to pack more than you can manage yourself”.  If only I had remembered those words as I packed and moved out here.

15 pieces mailed, 3 large suitcases carried, a laptop bag and an extra large dog carrier.  A partridge in a pear tree wouldnt have been amiss either.

While I plan my move to another house, I realise that I need to pare down.  I dont NEED all the things that I am carrying around and that they are really just ‘things’ that are weighing on me.  My goal?  4 totes/suitcases worth of “Things”, my wheel box, a small single yarn tote and a small tote of “Dog stuff”.  This doesnt include food or a freezer but really puts the focus on my “things”  Books that I dont read, little knick-nacks that I havent touched since I packed them 6 months ago, magazines that I keep for a single special thing, clothes that I dont really love or wear, yarn scraps or leftovers…stuff in general, 90% not needed by me.

So this is my plan:  Friday is my purge day.  All things that are not needed by me or anyone else…garbage.  Things that can be worn/used by someone else…Salvation Army tote.   Things that are important…review 3 times before deciding upon.  2 suitcases for clothes, including coats/outerwear, boots and shoes.  2 totes for linens and kitchen utensils, books and general “things”.  My wheel gets its own box with lots of roving for padding and my small tote of yarn is for not only yarn but knitting supplies as well.  The dog stuff tote is a given as I dont think that Sisu would ever forgive me for not saving room for her Tigger or froggie.


Wish me luck and look for pictures on Saturday!


On an aside, a good friend asked me, in all earnestness, if I would ever give up my “Little House on the Prairie” lifestyle and be happy with him in a city with a [consumer] lifestyle like he leads.  It didnt take me more than a few heartbeats before saying No.  And that those few heartbeats were because I was thinking if I ever really had not lived this way.  Nope, always been an ‘off the land’ girl.  Kinda goes along with my ‘Off her rocker’ personality and ‘Off the beaten path’ way I thrive.  A hard concept for someone whos idea of camping involves a motel with no room service but he is still a great friend, despite his consumer-driven life 🙂  Blame my Nana.  She bought me the series.