A brief update post:

As you can see, we had an amazing sunrise the other day and I had to be late to work to appreciate it properly.  I needn’t have worried as my co-workers were late as well because they were doing the exact same thing 🙂


You wanted pictures of my hair?  Here you go:



Ok, so neither of those photos is the best but you can see what a difference 6″ made!  Its still pretty long but it is short enough that I have body and bounce to it but can still braid it back both French and “regular”.  An essential task with all the wind here.

Before I left for session, we had had a rogue bear who liked to play in town.  Normally this doesnt bother me as the bears were here first but when one climbs up onto neighbors porches and looks in windows completely disregarding the dog, then I get a bit scared.  This one had been in town over and over, despite being chased out and run off.  Because of the kids in town and personal safety, Fish and Game gave the OK (as far as I know!) for the bear to be shot as it was a danger to the community.  One of the reasons that bears were close to town was a dead walrus that had recently come up on the outside beach.  Now, this happens now and then and is a “normal” thing for us.  The danger comes with a) not knowing the carcass is there and b) the bears and wolves it brings close to town to enjoy the feast.  Other bears had ignored the town and dump but this one was acting very odd indeed.  Sisu came with me when I went out to see both the bear and walrus, both for protection and so she would see a Nelson Lagoon Bear up close and get the smell of them.

WARNING!  Dead Animal Photos!  I made them small so as not to offend the squeamish.  Click on them to enbiggen.


There has been a lot of knitting going on around Chez SisuGirl, most of which is for babies and the rest is Christmas knitting 🙂

I will be moving back into my original Nelson Lagoon house on the first of December because my current home, while having a beautiful view, has horridly drafty windows and a sub-par heating system which, excuse the pun, leaves me cold. (I am my mothers child 🙂 )This means I can make a renewed commitment to blogging because with my own personal internet connection, I can again post picture to Flickr and easily have photos in the blog without having to upload multiple times.

Walks on the beach are always fun, especially in the winter because more glass balls wash up and get washed out of the beach.  Nevermind that this means that the spit is eroding and washing back into Bearing Sea, it means glass balls!  I found 3 the other day and barely went 3 miles.


More to come later.  Enjoy your day!