I think that it is often the little things that we know about in life that can be the most surprising when we finally pay attention and take the time to really see what is going on.

I had my hair cut and coloured on Thursday night and loved playing with it all that night, braided it back that night to sleep, fussed with it in the morning and admired the cut and colour and only now, Saturday Morning after my shower realised, really, how much hair 6″ is. I went from bottom layers to my waist to mid-shoulders all around. My curls that were then so weighted down now have the perfect spring to them. I needed half the shampoo in the morning and I didnt soak a towel with hair water. My hair is dry less than 2 hours after washing which is amazing all in itself. I love it more now than when I was thrilled with its brand-new status.

I realised that while I LOVE Egg Nog lattes, the ones made from real eggnog are torture on my stomach because of the milk. Not that this is a surprise to me. I have known for years that unless it is a fermented milk product, I cant enjoy the digestive process. Going in its lovely, its the churning, cramping, bloating and the coming out that is horrid. I’ll stick to the fake eggnog flavouring that Starbucks uses or a peppermint tea thankingyouverymuch.

I took the time to jot some thoughts one of the multiple journals that I use/carry/have/love and realised that most of what I have been writing pertains to multiple “future” thoughts/plans/ideas/wants/wishes/dreams and that most of the ideas are mutually exclusive and therefore not only confusing but damn irritating. I like to be prepared, darn it, and not having a clear pathway causes tears, depression and general malaise. SAM-e is helping the last 2 and now the moon has phased the first isnt as much of an issue. How can I prep for a journey if I dont have any clue as to the destination? That doesnt bother me as much as the idea that if I dont know the weather on the way, I cant dress for it. I think that I liked my early 20’s more than my late ones šŸ™‚

I saw that coming back to Sitka is really like coming home in all possible ways. I really wish that I could have Sisu here with me because it would have been just perfect with her company. Considering the nearly constant rain though, I am glad she stayed in Nelson Lagoon. A soggy doggy is never the most pleasant of companions!

I noticed that just the idea of a funny movie, pizza, beer and a friend in the coming evening is enough to lift my spirits enough to make me focus on microbiology for just a few more hours, no matter how hard the slog thru the text.

What have you noticed today?