As the plane touched down, I actually teared up.  The ocean with all its little islands and the trees, the harbors and the mountains all where I left them…I felt like I was home again.  Thats the best part of being back here in Sitka for training.  I was originally a bit sad not to be back in Anchorage because I had a whole slew of new friends to visit but really, now that I am here, I can imagine being happier in Anchorage.  I am exactly where I need to be and I am loving it.  I knew that I missed Southeast but I didnt know how much until now.  I do like my new home but there is something about Southeast that is quintessentially “HOME” for me.

I am in training for the next 3 + weeks and while I cant check Facebook, I can check my email and comments here 🙂

I can tell you already that I didnt pack enough yarn for knitting for keeping my fingers busy during lectures…good thing that there is a yarn shop just a few miles away.  Walking there will be my ‘earning’ of it!