DSCF0697The Kindle was a big splurge from my “Wishes were Horses…” but as there is no library out here to get inter-library loans through, I have been bereft of reading matter and that hurts my brain.

DSCF0704I have been a reader from day one, meaning conception, because I fully believe that I got my love of reading from my mum, even in the womb.  I know she must have read to me while I was still inside and I KNOW that she read to be afterward because reading before bed has always been a ritual for us.  When I was in Bellevue, 3 days a week I would take my charges to the local branch of the King County library, as much for myself as for them.  When I lived in Sitka, I was walking back and forth over the bridge to the library twice a week.  In Pelican, I was there 4 days a week and had it been open more often, I would have been there those days too.  In Anchorage, I got to use both the public library and the University library and did visit both on a regular basis.  Even my 2 weeks in Sand Point were accented with 5 visits to the school library!  Since I moved the Nelson Lagoon…nothing.  And there is a severe lack of readers in the community.   Lack of readership may have resulted in the lack of a library or the lack of a library caused the lack of readership but either way, I have been suffering lack of new materials for the past 6 weeks.

I am a re-reader and have a ‘core’ library of 15 books that are MINE, all caps necessary. They are books that have special meaning to me, are ones that I have read and re-read until the covers are falling off, have notes in the margins, highlights and dogears.  I can open any one of these books and tell you what has happened in all previous chapters and exactly what is going to happen in this one and the ones to come but I still want to read it again.  In short, they are much loved.  But a girl cant survive only on what she knows.  A few months ago, like 6, I started thinking about getting a Kindle.  I researched e-readers, thought about the initial outlay and decided at that point that it was just not for me.  At that time I had no idea really what Nelson Lagoon was like (lacking a library) and had high hopes for inter-library loans like I had in Pelican.  Since I got here, I’ve had to rethink my stance and my “need” versus “want” of a Kindle.  And I realised that it wasnt so much a want of a “kindle” but a want of things to read.  So I did more research.  And I found out that I would have to pay for books to be sent out from and back to Sand Point via USPS.  This would have to be flat-rate postage to save as much money as possible but I would still be spending a minimum of $20 per package; and I still wouldnt have the book to keep.  So I did a little more research and decided that  Kindle was perfect for me.  I’ve had it for over 2 weeks now and I cant rave enough about it.  The information that they give on the Amazon site say that the battery lasts 2 weeks with “normal” use and I can safely say, Yes, thats true.  I read generally 3-6 hours a day and have gotten thru 7 of the free romance novels, 2 Terry Pratchetts and Made from Scratch in that time 🙂

The beautiful red leather book like cover I bought for my Kindle DSCF0700

DSCF0702 Such smart packaging!DSCF0703

DSCF0708 and sitting so prettily in the box!  And so thin!DSCF0709

DSC_2640This is the wonderful ‘sticker’ is the protective sticker that I bought from DecalGirl DSC_2642

DSC_2639 My favorite things…minus the yarn and my wheel, of course!  I had to replace my iPod due to a major power surge that fried the iPod but left the speakers in perfect condition and now that I have a new one, the combination of my knitting, music and a wonderful book…What more could a girl ask for?