The name “Phoebe” has always been a favorite of mine.   Don’t ask why, it just is.  Would I name my daughter Phoebe?  Nope.  Not a chance.  With the shortening of the name to “Fee” or worse still, “Phoebles”, there is no way I can do that to any child, not to mention a dog!  If you know the literary reference to little “Phoebles”, leave a comment and we will figure out a prize together 🙂

Anyway, name aside, I present, My Phoebe

DSC_2629 DSC_2630

and boy, oh boy, do I ever love her. Everything about her.  The yarn colour choice, the hand, the fabric, the twisted stitch pattern…brilliant everything. She is blocking now or I would be wearing her, despite the bright sunshine outside.


Pattern: Phoebe Pullover Pattern by KnitPicks Designers

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes – Sapphire Heather – 10-11 balls (I cant remember if I bought 13 or 14 balls but I have 3 left over!) Between 1100 and 1210 yds. worsted weight

Needles: Knit Picks Options Nickle Size 6 (4mm) (ribbing and sleeves thru increases) and 7 (4.5mm), circular needles all.

Commentary:  The pattern had been drooled over for months and months and with the great decision of someone using a most amazing gift, I spent part of the KnitPicks gift card that my sister and mum gave to me for Christmas the past year.  Wonderful pattern and I cant wait to use it (roughly) again.  Because it is all based on your own measurements, it is a perfect fit.  I am already planning changing little things so I can use the rough outline of the pattern, based on EZ saddle shoulder sweater ‘recipe’, to make a cardigan with lace inset saddle shoulders!  There was a last second phone call to my mum when I couldn’t quite figure out the saddle sholder shaping as it went back and forth but, like almost all phone calls to her in the throes of a pattern crisis, in just speaking it out, I got it.  There is nothing like talking a pattern out with someone who you know isnt looking at you like you are just barely on this side of crazy-ville.  Even over the phone, I know she wasnt looking at me like that and if you were Mum, please leave me to my delusions!

So, with three major projects off the needles, I dont know what to do with myself!  I have a goodly ammout of slow time at work and short of scanning the internet, socks are on my plan.  I am casting on socks for my sisters soon to come bundle of joy.  I am thinking of just making as many socks out of the Fiesta Baby Boom,  Alaska colourway, as I possibly can.  Even if you overlook the ironic title of the yarn, the colourway a fitting attribute to the Auntie who knit them but I also know from personal experience, that babies lose a lot of socks and that more often than not, the few pairs that you DO have matches for, the dryer has to eat one every load and it is never one of those odd ones.  Once I get sick of knitting 44 st round baby socks in ‘Alaska’, I will move into my leftover stash because what could be more perfect that odd socks on purpose.  I mean, look at Little MisMatched socks!  People pay big bucks for those and I can make loads of baby socks AND pare down the leftover stash!  Not to mention that baby Bolliger will then have socks that match those worn by their Auntie, Nana and Mom…and you cant buy that kind of love connection.