As my mother so kindly pointed out, it has now been over a month since my last post.  The main reason behind this lack of conversation was my lack of web access at home.  Yes, I have access at work but there was no way to add pictures to any post.  I couldnt upload to Flicker or any other photo hosting sites because my employer has all of them blocked.  Of all the sites to block, thats what they chose.  To each their own.  Either way, I really dont like writing posts without having pictures to add.  There is something about posting with pictures that make everything good for me…and hopefully for you too.  So, this post and the one to follow right behind it are catch-up posts…like you have come to expect anything else from me 🙂

Compared to a month agoDSC_2403 Nelson Lagoon has gotten GREEN!DSC_2588 Its about darn time tooDSC_2583 These flowers and little violets are hiding all over the place and they are like little jewels just waiting to be discovered.

We have had a few beautiful days where I have not only gone to see the jellyfish strewn beaches DSC_2600but also witnessed the sadness of a baby whale washing up against our dock.  It was a baby from late this season, roughly 45′ long.DSC_2556DSC_2558 Sisu and I have been walking every day and going down the inside beach, we can see the nets and skiffs that litter the beach until the tide comes back in again.DSC_2603 And seen the tender (a ship that goes back and forth between the ‘fishing grounds’ and the fish plant)DSC_2605 The name of the ship is the Polestar…but the only time you hear “Polestar” is over the radio as most people refer to it by its much more coarse, fisherman-style name of ‘Pr0nstar’ (yes, I spelled it wrong on purpose.  I didnt want ‘that type’ of reader finding this blog…though it may have boosted my ratings, I know posting more will do the same thing 🙂 )  I have a hard time not automatically thinking of its naughty name when I hear someone hailing him on the radio.  Thanks for that Brian.

You all knew that I couldnt spend much time here without fresh fish and you really cant get much fresher than this.  You see that skiff and the net in the picture above?  When the tide came in, so did the fishes and here is what I brought home:DSCF0683 2 beautiful red salmon.  Which looked like this:DSC_2569

And then finally, this: DSC_2571 And are all nicely housed in my freezer and have been much enjoyed by Sisu and myself over the past few weeks.

Speaking of Sisus enjoyment…remember the vole from a month ago and me talking about how she will never catch a gound squirrel?  Well, she didnt.  Another dog got this oneDSC_2575 and brought it over to woo Sisu. (You can click to embiggen the picture.  I made it small for those faint of heart but trust me, there is nothing gross…just dead)  She was not completely enamored with the gift as she like the thrill of the hunt more than anything and certainly has no use for a dead fuzzy thing with no squeek, rustle or chase to it.  She poked it with her nose a few times and then left off to go chase the live ones.  The would-be suitor took his gift off elsewhere and that made me more pleased than anything.  I didnt want to leave it out for the foxes, bears or anything else that would want to come sniffing around under my porch.

In terms of my enjoyment, there has been much knitting.DSCF0694DSCF0692DSCF0690 From L to R: Leyburn Socks in Sereknitty Sock – Eye of Jupiter Colourway, Amused in Cascade 220 which will soon be frogged because I really dislike the fabric that is being made while I get gauge, and Phoebe in Wool of the Andes Sapphire Heather colourway which is more beautiful that words and almost done!  In this shot I was almost done with the second sleeve.  As I type, I am finishing the neck ribbing and all that will be left is for me to kitchener the underarms and weave in the ends!  My most amazing piece of knitting that I have completed is not going to be mentioned here as it is so stupendous that it deserves its own post and will get one as soon as I finish with this one.  Can you guess?

Meanwhile, I will tease you with packages that contain yarn.  All the way from ICELAND.DSCF0686 From a wonderful and amazing man whom I miss, he sent me Icelandic yarn!DSCF0685 The bag reads:”What are you reading?”  I cant wait to dive into this yarn and will be making the Owl sweater by Kate Davies (picture) because OMG, how could you not love that sweater.  I may make it into a vest instead with the owls down on the bottom or two on each shoulder in the front and across the back…we shall see what happens.  The yarn is, like all Icelandic bulky low twist spun yarn, a little rough but there is a good reason for that.  Its for outerwear.  Its supposed to felt a little with wearing and be worn for outdoors working and daily use, not spared for something “nice” indoors.  It smells sheepy and I keep squishing it and loving it and cant wait to get it on the needles.  Thanks Arend, I SO cant wait to knit with this.  It was a very good mail day when the Icelandic box came.  I got my dehydrated food order from Barry Farm and not only do I now have egg powder, apple slices, cheese powder, scone mix, cauliflower…DSC_2622DSC_2628 Freeze Dried OKRA and I got an issue of Spin.Off.  It was a good day.