It. is. DONE

Began on January 25th, 2007, the shawl was begun from Schaefer Anne in Sheri’s titled “World of the Sea” colourway.  Originally bought to become a matching pair of socks, that idea for the Anne was quickly binned because for me to get the fabric that I like for socks I would have to use 000 and since that is a one-way ticket to insanity, there need for these skeins to be another project.  So it sat for a little while (about 5 months) until I read a blog post that linked to a Wendy Johnson page of all her completed shawls and I clicked on the Pacific Northwest Shawl link.  And I was hooked.

And then it took me 2 years to knit the darn thing.  There were all kinds of issues that I had but considering that it was my first lace project, it really want bad.  Yes, it was on the needles for 2 years but really, it was a fast knit.  Really, it was.  Stop laughing.  It spent over a year ‘resting’ over at a friend house and since it was not needed as a wedding shawl as it was originally was intended to be, there was no rush for me to get it back from her.  When I finally asked for it back, I was more than ready to start working on it again.  It was time to work on it and finish this amazing project.

Once I cast off that final shell, I was ready to stab myself with the needle but much too excited to finally have it done to inflict self-harm (not that I really would)  And then all those entries the Yarn Harlot has written about blocking lace came true.


Thats her “Yarn Harlot” book for scale and my lovely shawl unblocked.  I was less than impressed at first but I trusted all those lace knitters who have come before me who mentioned the amazing-ness that is lace blocking.  They weren’t kidding.


I cried.  Once it was all pinned out, I cried.  I cried that I had made something this beautiful, that this wouldnt be for what I first wanted it to be, that it was so much more than I ever thought it would be, that it is my new favorite thing, that the colour is perfect and that, sadly, the yarn is gone now.  That final thought made me laugh though and sanity returned.  DSC_2616

But honestly, if you bought Schaefer Anne in the World of the Sea from Sheri at the Loopy Ewe around August/September/October of 07 and it is still sitting in your stash…I will totally buy it from you.  Leave me a message.  This yarn is SERIOUSLY my ultimate everything.  I love the hand and the colourway is perfectly “my’ shades.  There is a *ahem* imperfection in the shawl but that was totally *ahem* on purpose.

DSC_2614 Only Allah is perfect.  Admire the fish instead 🙂DSC_2617