Every day, without fail, Sisu and I go for a walk.  Not just a normal, “once around the block” thing but a full out, at least 3 miles, most likely 4 to 5, take the radio with you, chase the birdies, look for glass balls and agates WALK.  She needs the exercise and so, frankly, do I.  Almost 9 months of Commons food have near ruined me and its more than high time to feel like myself again.  Anyway, back to the walk…DSCF0642

Sisu loves running thru that grassy area so much more than running on the beach, mainly because there are hundreds upon hundreds of ground squirrles that burrow into the sand dunes.  They are cute little rodents, more like prarire dogs than most peoples idea of a squirrel.  Think ‘chipmunk’ but more like guniea pig sized and with a longer, more scrawny tail; not fluffy like a grey squirrel but much more so than a mouse.  Don’t expect pictures of these oversized mices because they are fast little buggers and my shutter speed and trigger finger have yet to catch up.  Sisu hears them chattering at her, spots them, runs like a black streak to attack and then pounces on where they used to be and digs like mad at the holes that they have disappeared into.  She has yet to get one.  But yesterday, she was playing in the grasses and suddenly, POUNCED…DSCF0646 and was the most proud pup in the world.DSCF0645 While it isnt a ground squirrel, it is a vole.  Don’t worry, she didnt eat it.  Poked it with her nose and carried it around the block for most of the way home but let me take it away and toss it into the weeds further out (so another dog can get it 🙂 )

Its been a beautiful few days here in Nelson Lagoon.DSCF0656

Sunny and warm and next to no wind…just a girl and her dog enjoying life, my favourite thing.DSCF0626