4/24 I’ve found that the first thing that I need to do today is order a pair of rain trousers.  Waterproof and light, something that I can pull on over the tops of whatever I am wearing so that I can be warm and dry.  A necessity anywhere out here on the chain!!

5/7 There has been such insanity in the weather here, Holy Cats.  There was snow for 2 days and today it has become  beautiful and quite warm.  Insane.  The ocean has been roaring and lapping, sush-ing and spraying…its an amazing to stand there and feel the power of the ocean.  Sisu and I walk the beach every afternoon/evening after I get done with work and before dinner, me beachcombing and her investigating the waves and finding fishing floats to play with.

Tomorrow I will post the journal I have been keeping and the pictures that go along with it.  It will be long and picture heavy but should bring you all up to date with what I have been doing and where I am.  See you then!