There are all sorts of things that one has to “get used to” when first they move.

#1 is new people.  Lucky for me, not only was there a wonderful person, TR, who was willing to have me stay with her not 2 days after she herself moved in, but we get along fantastically and we both wish I could be staying here so we can take on this new place together!  Even more lucky for me, I already knew the CHA here, SS, from my week training at EAT and she is fantastic and a great resouce for  me.  Plus, we get along well too 🙂  There are many other staff members here at Sand Point from Dental aides to PA’s and NP’s, therapists, brilliant receptionists and billing specialists…it really is a big place and I am really going to enjoy being here for the rest of my time and am already looking forward to being back after Session 1.

#2 is weather.  My Nana would never be able to visit me here, it is WAY too windy.  Wind is a constant part of life and makes me glad that I didnt cut my hair before I came because I am always going to have to braid it back.  I already have 3 of the 4 full days here.  Again being on the ocean means fast weather changes and I am happier than anything to be able to smell the ocean again.  Even at low tide 🙂  Yesterday it blew in rain sideways and reminded me of why I like wearing rain pants and a fleece-lined hat just about always.

#3 is the roads.  Here in Sand Point, there arn’t any signs but that doesnt mean that there are no road names, just that they wont tell you what they are!  It makes working with the emergency services an interesting challenge.

More later 🙂