While I love music, I rarely have a specific song running in my head. I would rather have conversation in the car than music and I have a few audiobooks that have way more play than the songs in my collection.

However…This morning I woke up with:
“Goodnight, sweetheart, well, it’s time to go,
Goodnight, sweetheart, well, it’s time to go,
I hate to leave you, but I really must say,
Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight.”
running in my voice. I know its about a lover taking his leave but it just is hanging out there pestering me. Because I’m leaving Anchorage. Tomorrow. On the 9:50 or 2:30 flight to Sand Point. I have approximately 2 weeks there until my house in Nelson Lagoon is finished (hopefully by the 1st) and then Sisu and I shall be moving to our new home and finally starting my new job. I’ve been spending the past few days in classes learning some of the basics of my new job and the nights with friends watching movies. Total escape tactic. If I ignore the dishevelment of my apartment, I can pretend that I’m not leaving. That worked until yesterday so now, if I can only remember to breath, this will all go perfectly smoothly. Think good thoughts for me. The next 36 hours are going to be incredibly hard.