…again. I have recently made the major decision to change jobs. To many of you, this isnt such a big deal. I have been making changes for years and the nature of the Tasha is that she moves.  This time, it is pretty last minute and a pretty sudden move.  I had a wonderful conversation on Friday with my future co-workers and got a phone call from the director and my future boss that they wanted me to do some additional training to become an Emergency Trauma Technician (ETT) instructor in addition to then becoming a Community Health Aide.  And then they told me that I would need to start training on 4/6.  And then they offered me $5 more an hour if I could start then instead of after 5/17 (when my contract truly ends).  Since my (brand-new house) rent is $900 a month plus utilities, I know that I will need every last penny.  Since I dont have a contact with UAA for next year, I need move on when I have the best oppertunity.  This is the best and wow, I am so excited.

Nelson Lagoon is a very small fishing village on the Aleutian chain just before the “chain” becomes a “chain”.  Type it into Google Maps and then zoom out.  Dont try to get driving directions…you need roads for that.   Here is a Map of Alaska with all the places I have lived so far and with NL on it too.  Take a look! I will be working as the newest Community Health Aide for the town of roughly 30 people in the winter, 100 people in the summer.  Lots of chronic care cases and some emergencies but always an adventure!  I am excited and scared and nervous and sad and and and…  Yes, that too.

I really wish that I didnt have to leave my staff so fast.  I was hoping to be the stable one in their lives until the end of the year and ease them out of the rest of the semester but that is not to be.  I know they will be fantastic because that is just to people they are and the amazingness that they exude 🙂  I’ll miss them more than anything else.  Well, maybe nit as much as missing Sam and Maria but pretty darn close!