It is incredible to me how people can go thru phases.  I have an acquaintance who loves green.  I had a red phase for a few months where the bulk of things that I bought were shades of red.  Millions of mothers have panic attacks and run to their pediatrician because their child wont eat anything but Hunts french cut green beans, rainbow sorbet and peach fruit roll-ups.  Artists have their blue phase and I guess I’m having mine too.  But mine is much more of a “teal” phase.


It didn’t start with the glasses.dscf0352 In fact, way back when I was knittingfisher, I introduced myself to you all wearing a teal shirt.  I had one then, I have 4 now 🙂  I also have a pair of patent leather teal Danskos, teal ink for my fountain pen, a teal roller ball pen and quite a few balls of teal yarn.  My Phoebe sweater?  The yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Sapphire Heather which has a definite few plys of teal in with the deep blue.


By the way, the contrasting yarn is my ‘front’ and ‘back’ markers instead of using stitch markers.  Not that I have anything against stitch markers because I love all of them from Wee Ones; no, its more because I have run out because I have too many WIP’s!

So that beautiful clutch in the picture?  Yeah, thats a present from Sam.  She just came home from Arkansas and a job interview and she brought me a present (presents, really!) for watching Luci.  Last time she was gone she brought back a toy for Sisu which is more appropriate because it is really Sisu who watches her…I just feed and take her on walkies and potty breaks that I would normally do for Sisu anyway.  I’m not giving back the presents though, I just love them too much!  Look, Look!  This is the inside…

dscf0459 And you can see that it is not thicker than my thumb!dscf0460

And pretty, if completely unnatural snakeskin teal…dscf0457

dscf0453And a lovely, huge and perfectly me towel. dscf0454

And to carry it all?  Two amazing ‘green’ bags.  dscf0456 I usually use cloth bags at the grocery store and keep a “bag of bags” in the closet by the door.  I dont think that you can ever have too many cloth bags to use in place of plastic, especially if you are like me and really do use them.  Fred Meyer offers a $0.05 discount for every cloth bag that you use and if you think about it, those nickles really do add up!  My friend Matt always called me a “tree-hugging hippie” and while he meant it as an insult, I know it to be true 🙂  I would rather reduce, reuse and recycle than buy new with the exceptions of personal items like undies and sheets!  I think that organics are worth the cost if you eat the skins (fruits and veggies)

dscf0466 and wild caught fish are infinately better than anything farm raised.  I buy fresh veggies from a CSA in Washington and always have been interested in being self-sustaining, cloth diapering and a pioneer girl.  I blame thank Laura Ingalls Wilder and my Nana.

The next picture is of my co-worker KB.  She is modeling a sweater that her dad knit many years ago while he was in the hospital in Seattle.  She told me the story of how he worked as a Merchant Marine and had an accident of falling and breaking, quite severly, his leg.  While he was in the hospital in Seattle, he couldnt do anything else but lay there and he learned from a nurse how to knit all by himself…this sweater.

dscf0452 Its perfect.  From a knitters standpoint, for a beginner and as a first project…just WOW.  Even, beautiful stitches, heavy worsted/bulky tealy-blue yarn and with the years of wearing it has felted slightly and only become more beautiful.  Raglan sleeves knit in the round and steeked with a heavy duty zipper put in perfectly. Even for an intermediate knitter, its just awesome.  You can tell that its handknit because of little discrepencies in the yarn and some of the slips of the stitches that he made are completely personal and not “machine”.  She was hoping that I would see her wearing the sweater and ask about it and I am so glad that I did.  Her dad passed away many years ago but this is the one thing that KB has kept.  What a wonderful memory and I am blessed that she shared it with me.