Every once in a while it really feels great to play hookie.  For the most part, I am more than a good girl who gets to work on time, does her job and a bit more, goes home and relaxes with her dog and then gets up in the morning to do it all over again.  There are those odd days where I sleep in and show up at my office late but considering that I work in a residence hall, no one is the wiser and no one besides my co-workers are awake in their buildings at 8am either!

But yesterday, yesterday I played hookie with a friend 🙂  We went for breakfast coffee at Kaladis off campus and endulged in a raspberry scone for me and a cranberry muffin for her.  We talked about work and our future and where we wanted our halls to go so I guess that should count as ALMOST work. About as much work as our normal work day daily breakfasts in the Commons so, no, it was work and not play.

Then we went to a fantastic shoe store that is entirely responsible for my Dansko addiction and replace a pair of her shoes that literally fell apart and mine that I would rather have bought from them, a local store with a shoe card :), instead of Nordstroms.  So I did.  I bought my Dansko heels there, put them in to the Nordstroms box and returned the new pair back to Nordstroms.  Now, at first, I really felt bad about this.  And then I realised that I SAVED $10 by buying them from Skinny Raven AND I got my free pair.  The bad feeling went right out the window, especially when I saw that they were still on the floor at Nordstroms and there was a lady who was trying them on at that very moment I was returning them.  I’ve never done anything like that before but since it worked so well, I may keep my eyes open for chances like this in the future!  Either way, since the shoes are ‘dress shoes’, it must be work related, right?  By the time we got back from the stores, it was almost time for lunch.

There was about 45 minuets in my office before heading off to a lunch meeting  and the meeting was made even better by the fact that we ended up eating with 2 members of University Police who were in the commons for a conference.  Their lunch time intersected ours and it was a good time to chat about departmental issues and give each other a very hard time about personal failings and job conflicts.  Quite a good time was had by all in the creation of stronger ties between departments.

So after I returned to my office, I received a phone call which indicated that a current student and her alumnus mother wanted to meet for a casual talk with my co-worker and I.  Since it was such a beautiful day, we decided that a walk in the park across the street.  As it so happens, it is an off-leash dog park to which we are all quite familiar with and as the current student and the alumnus have a husky and my co-worker and I both have our dogs, it was in best-relations building practice to bring our own dogs for a jaunt around the lake.  It was quite a benificial meeting and all involved felt that new levels of understanding were reached regarding the UAA nursing program, UAA’s alumni and alumnus relations and UAA’s residential community.

On the was home from this very important meeting, it was decided that, in efforts to boost productivity levels for the next day, it was imperative that sufficient time was devoted to exercise.  To that end, I changed into workout clothes, checked my email to make sure that nothing needed attention (there was nothing new except for the UAA Green and Gold), and endevored to increase my productivity today by wearing myself out at the gym.  And it worked!  I have been very productive today and, in hindsight, from all the UAA community building and work related encounters I had, I didnt really play hookie yesterday, it was intense work.

Kinda makes up for taking time this morning to write this post 🙂