once more dear friends…

Some of you will be happy to know that I am not foraying into a knitting breech, though I will state for the record that I think that my Vail sweater is openly mocking me from below the TV and computer.  Teasing me that I havent picked him up in over 3 weeks and that today, when I do, I only knit 5 rounds of him.  At this rate it will take me at least a year to finish all the bits and probably another to get the spine to steek him…but that is another post all together.

No, this particular breech is a lifestyle one.  Dating.  I took the advice of some wonderful friends and got online.   I made a profile, posted pictures and told the truth about everything “Tasha” with only a bit held back about the sheer volume of fiber that I own.  My outlook is that, if it takes me nearly as long to find someone who I would consider marrying as I have in the past, that is plenty of time to be on a yarn diet and whittle away on the stash before ANYONE outside of family and girlfriends will see it.  And they all know I am a knitting knerd anyway so it doesnt matter 🙂  Honestly though, if Mr.Right comes thru the net, if he is really ‘The One’, then I wont have to worry about stash.  I’ll have something about him to overlook!  Like the Harlot says, He turns a blind eye to the yarn, I dont mention the antique amplifyers.

Please Lord, don’t let there be amplifyers.

While my family is so far away, my friends will have to help me judge worthyness and, of course, the all important Sisu test.  She is the real judge of character, especially since, though it will be WAY in the future, she will have to give up her spot on the bed.  Good Luck with that Mr.Right…she doesnt even like moving over to her side when I come to bed!