There are some things about myself that I know to be 100% true.

#1) As far as being a ‘joiner’ goes, I’m not.  Well, not usually.  I will fully admit to filling my cart with what I am advertised on Ravelry and those amazing updates for Sheri at the Loopy Ewe generally start me salivating and often I have to stop myself just short of reaching for my credit card or punching up PayPal.  I started knitting socks because I felt that it was the next foray into knitting that I needed to attempt.  The funniest thing is that shortly after I made my first attempt, Sheri opened the Loopy Ewe, I discovered podcasts and it seemed like the knitting world exploded with a passion for socks, socks, socks!

#2)  I am a foodie thru and thru.  I love to cook and certainly eat what I have made.  Its the little things about cooking that I love.   The blend of favours, the smells, sounds, the play of textures.  Yes, there are foods that I dont like to eat: onions and green peppers, liver and kidney; and there is the one food that I just won’t eat out of principle: veal.  There is a great difference of course, I like the flavour just not the texture or crunch of peppers and onions (this coming from the woman who likes okra with a passion), whereas I see veal as a horrible cruelty to a living beast that can easily be avoided.  While many Vegans/Vegetarians will argue that all killing of animals for their bodies is a horrible cruelty that can easily be avoided, I will stand on the argument that a) ‘raising’ a calf to be veal is 100 times worse than anything else, especially since I willingly spend the money on free-range and humanely raised meats and b) they never lived in rural Alaska, small town or not.  I am more than willing to live subsistence and I do as much as possible but I also know how to make my meat money stretch and while my 1972 cookbook has some interesting ideas of what to do with gelatin, it has some wonderful recipes that really make the most out of every bit of an animal.  All of the above being true, I still am reading a book about transitioning into Vegetarianism and hope to more into a more bean/legume based diet, if only for the fiber and cost savings 🙂

#3) I have a newly found devotion to Dansko shoes.  I just love them.  Completely.  They are comfortable and perfect and have almost completely gotten rid of my plantar faciatis.  There are only a few pairs I’ve tried that I would trade for others and it would be because they have open backs.  I never have liked shoes with completely open backs with the exception of flip-flops.

#4) I am easily swayed by classic fashions that I see in movies and TV.  I have a pair of ‘Bellas Mittens” (Ravelry Link) in my queue and have seen Twilight twiceand I just bought my first pair of real heels, partly because I have been watching a TV series set in the 40’s and 50’s and the leading lady always wears these beautiful  t-strap or mary-jane heels.  So I went to look for a pair at Pennys or Nordstroms because a friend was goingwith the fullest of intentions of laughing at myself for even thinking that I could A) really WANT them, B)really WEAR them or, better yet, C) even WALK in them.  I had no real thought in my mind and then I saw them…and number 3 came into play too…

dsc_2220 dsc_2233 dsc_2228

And this has nothing on the fact that I have been made addicted to Battlestar Galactica and since the Harlot posted about her BSG socks, (January 21st, scroll down to excuse the sixth) I bought the same yarn dsc_2208and am knitting the same socks.  And I love them, geekyness and all.

#5: I am weak when it comes to following through on things that I have written down and publicly posted about.  As any of you can tell from my 101 in 1001 list, I havent been so good as doing what it says I mean to do.  This is not for lack of wanting to, rather, because of some weird expectation that I expect you expect of me.  It kind of makes sense, just wait.  When I have plans about something that I really want to do, I do better about actualyl following through with it when I make a poster and hang it in my office or apartment and make notes to myself about that which needs doing and what has been completed.  Yet, as soon as I put it out there to the Universe, all my good intentions and plans get sucksed in my this mighty force and nothing happens.  I am always better about new posts to the blog when I tell myself that I need to post more often than when I tell you all that “I will post more often”  I have no idea why this is, I just know that it is.  The same goes for my budget.  As soon as I say that I am only spending $X this month, I decided that THIS month will be the time when I buy dsc_2213 the solution to…

#6: I am addicted to cable.  Not cables though heaven knows that all the sweaters in my queue for NaKniSweMoDo ALL have cables, but CABLE.  Like the kind you plug into  your TV and then results in millions upon millions of TV channels that never have anything on them worth watching.  Sadly, I always get sucked in.  It doesnt matter whats on, I just watch.  I have the shows that I really like; Good Eats, CSI and BSG for example, but I just turn the damn thing on out of habit and stay stuck on the idiot box for way too long.  I dont know why.  I love reading and would rather spend the time with popcorn and a book instead of being zoned with the TV.  I really enjoy listening to podcasts and have quite a library stored up from over the past few months that I have owned this TV (In the background).  I just dont need it.  SO…I bought myself a multi-tasker! (Thank you Alton Brown 🙂 )  I needed more space for pictures and sadly, you cant add more memory to an existing MacBook (please dont correct me if I’m wrong).  I CAN but something to connect the cable to my computer, but I really dont want to do that.  Netflixs recently made it possible for we mac users to watch movies online without waiting for them to be delivered so I have all movies that I want at my disposal and the actual computer screen is the same size as my existing TV screen.  Its perfect and I love it and I have no regrets.   Before anyone mentions the cost, I will tell you all that I have been saving for this since August and it completely was a planned purchase and there is still money left in the kitty for the other items that I am saving for 🙂

Enough knowing of myself for now.  It took ages of editing on this post before to finally posted, more because of my #7, being picky about my writing and what I put out to the blog-o-sphere.  Not to say that I have never looked back and seen mistakes but I work hard not to.  I am my mothers child and proud of it!