I wish that I could give a good reason why there has been so very little activity on my blog lately…

…possibly because I just finished a major spinning project of 5oz of Lornas Laces roving in the Franklins Panopticon colourway ( colorway here, namesakes blog here)  I 3-plied it (for the first time ever!) and, because I had a bit left over from plying, I tried my hand at Navajo-plying.  I love the look and feel of the 3-ply and cant wait to show-off but with the Navajo-ply…well, if practice makes perfect, you can certainly tell that this was my first foray.  The idea is lovely and you can watch a short video of what the process is supposed to look like here.    I promise you that I was not nearly so elegant.  Me thinks that it is back to the Ravelry boards for me to do a little more research and then back to the wheel to practice on some leftover yarns!

…possibly because I was just sent some replacement cables from KnitPicks because there was some separation on just about all of the cables that I got in my Options needle set just over 2 years ago.  Let me tell you about the customer service that I recieved.  Not only was the person obviously smiling when she answered the phone, and you know you can always tell, but she was brilliantly helpful.  She asked how she could help me and as soon as I said, “well, I am having a bit of trouble with the cables from my options set seperating”, she was all over me like ice on the window


Not only did she jump at the chance for making it right, she kept going!  She asked me about Alaska, how I was dealing with the horribly cold weather we were havign then, asked if I was happy with the needles (I LOVE them and use them exclusivly!), and, of course, asked if there was anything else that she could do for me.  This is why I love Knit Picks.  They have wonderful service with a smile and stand behind their products.  Now…if they would only carry roving 🙂

…possibly because the day that I finished my beautiful sweater (I promise you that there will be a picture in a post tonight!), the lovely Luci came over for a playdate with Sisu and within 5 minutes of tearing around the apartment together, she had discovered my work bag smelled yummy because I had a homemade smoothie in there, tipped the bag and then got distracted by Sisu again.  I moved over from the counter, picked it up so I could go back to work and failed to notice that there was strawberry-blackberry and almond milk smoothie all over the inside and starting to drip out the side.  I only noticed when I went to put the bag down that my fingers were sitcky from the handles and my aura was very fruity at the moment.  I cleaned up what I saw…the bag inside and out, my cup, my desk, the floor…, failing to notice that I had gotten smoothie all over the underarm portion of my sweater.  I only realised it when I moved to itch my back and the staff member I was talking to had the following conversation with me:

“What did you spill?”

“Oh, Luci knocked over my bag and smoothie spilled all over.  Its OK now.”

“I meant ON you”

“What are you talking about?”

“There.  That big purple splotch.”

“Oh SH!T”

This was then followed with me running back to my apartment, pulling off the sweater to find my deep purple smoothie had transferred from my bag all down the left underarm area and up the inner arm, rinsing in cold like a mad woman, pulling out an enzymatic stain remover and lots of prayer.  Lucky for me and especially lucky for Luci, who would have been corgi non grata until a year of Sundays had passed or she knit me a sweater by her own two paws, whichever came first, everything looks to be clean, not purple where it should be a light oatmeal and generally OK. I will wear it today and have Sam, Luci’s mom, take a picture for me.

…possibly because I have been watching Battlestar Galactica like awoman possessed 🙂  I curse my staff member who got me hooked but since he has come over to watch Season 3 with me, its OK.  Having him here to listem to my commentary has been funny for both of us.  He already has seen it all and is just waiting for me to get caught back up so he can have someone to talk to about what is going on.  Don’t be laughing too hard at my geeky-ness, look at this post by the Yarn Harlot.  Posted on the 21st, its the 6th excuse.  I am not alone in my dork-dom and I am quite happy to be sharing space with the Yarn Harlot.  Why yes, I am such a dork that I did break my fiber fast to order the “Eye of Jupiter” colourway from Sereknity.  Why do you ask?  Haven’t you known that all along?

There are a few more …possiblys to share with you tonight but I am going to make you wait until I can post a picture of the sweater and the spinning too 🙂  See you tonight!