I knew that whatever week that I started working on my 101 in public that all the stars would fall and I was right. I didnt plan so well by going public with my list the week before Spring Training but I know there are worse times ๐Ÿ™‚

Working so far:
No TV for 24 hours/week (today)
Listening to 1 podcast/day (catching up with StitchIt)
Drinking 1 cup of coffee (1 or less(!) so far this week)
In the midst of cataloging yarn and fiber
Pray Daily

Not so good:
Spinning 30 min a day
Working out

The up side of both of those missteps is that a) I havent been in my apartment to do much more than sleep and shower and b) I am going 100mph right now so there is little time to eat junk and all I want is healthy foods ๐Ÿ™‚

Woolly Treasures - Forest PathThese lovely batts?

Woolly Treasures - Sleigh RideThey are from Woolly Treasures Etsy store and Oh.My.Gosh. are they ever beautiful.ย  I took so many pictures trying to get them right and they still could be improved upon.ย  The colours, the fibers, just everything about them screams beauty and lovelyness and I want to spin them and never spin them all at the same time.ย  The YarnHarlot knows what I mean and I bet you knitters and spinners out there do too…that the image in your head is so beautiful as to what this fiber can be when it grows up that you never want to touch it for fear that you can never bring it quite there.ย  I have never felt this way before about a fiber or skein and only stashed because my fingers wern’t fast enough for my buying habits but WOW…this may have changed all that.

More soon…if I can survive the rest of training and stop staring at the batts ๐Ÿ™‚