…my true love gave to me… 11 Pipers Piping…

Well, since I haven;t got a ‘true love’ yet (at least not known to me), it was a good thing that I wasn’t expecting any swimming swans or pipers piping. That and the fact that those swans will have no place to swim because its so blinkin’ cold here and I think that Sisu would be slightly freaked out and annoyed by the birds AND since what I am doing is CLEANING, swans would not be a welcome addition to my apartment and though I would like the music, I doubt that may residents would like to listen to a band of pipers!

Yes, I said cleaning. While I am normally a relatively neat person, I tend to let “stuff” accumulate. So there needs to be a purging of the stuff and while some of it is going to goodwill (actually only one or two things), the rest is actual trash. Not garbage, per say, just trash. Stuff that I was keeping that I didnt need, flyers that were not relevant or way out of date…just stuff. So I got rid of it. YAY me!!  I know that there will be more to purge soon because J has sent me the rest of my “stuff” from Pelican.  It will be nice to have all of my things and take a stock of what I have collected.  Its odd to think of all the things that I have collected over the past few years. I moved to WA with 1 large and 1 small suitcase but then 2 years later, I moved to AK with 2 large suitcases, 1 small and 2 boxes. Moving to Pelican required a boat and my move to Anchorage meant 2 large totes mailed, 2 large suitcases, 1 small and a dog in a kennel.  Add a partridge in a pear tree and we’ll be all set.  However, with everthing that collect, the more tied I feel and while this is a good thing, I dont want it now.  I want to feel tied to a place that is going to be mine, not someplace that I am staying for just a few months.  So paring down is a priority for me in the next few months.  In that vein, I am doing something that will pare me in many ways.  Like fruit or veggies need to be pared, so do I.

So…Here I reveal my list of 101 in 1001.  Its a list of 101 things that I would like to accomplish in 1001 days.  My ultimate goal would be 101 in 970 days because that will take me to my 30th birthday.  I began thinking about this list ages ago but really got to the refining process and devotion to its creation just this past week.

101 in 1001
Grand Aim: To do some amazing things along with the mundane before my 30th Birthday.  To live my life fully and with no gaps between what I want and what I do.
Begun: 1/1/09
Formally Ends: 9/29/11  Goal End Date: 8/29/11 (970 days)

1.    Go 24 hours w/out TV once a week – 143
2.    Read Narnia Series
3.    Read “Alaska” by Michener
4.    Read Higgins ‘Sean Dillon’ books
5.    Listen to 1 podcast a day – 1001
6.    Move DVD’s into 1 case and out of jewel cases
7.    Borrow and read 3 books a month from the Library – 96
8.    Watch 9 movies a month
9.    Return Netflix movies the day after watching them
10.    Read the Bible
11.    Read all of Terry Pratchetts ‘Discworld’ series
12.    Catch up and continue reading Brian Jacques ‘Redwall’ series
13.    Read all of Jane Austen’s novels
14.    Hike the Superior Trail
15.    Visit Hawaii
16.    Visit all of UK
17.    Visit Marquette 3 times – 3
18.    Lose 40 lbs – 40
19.    Keep it off
20.    Spa day-the works- on 30th Birthday
21.    Manicure or Pedicure every other month – 16
22.    Shave once a week – 143
23.    Take a vitamin every day for 3 months – 90
24.    Do a cleansing fast
25.    Be in bed by 10 pm 6 days a week
26.    Get up at am 5 days a week Jan-May 09
27.    Walk Sisu 2 laps – 5 days a week Jan-May 09
28.    Walk Sisu 2 mi/day May -?
29.    Drink only 1 cup of coffee per day
30.    Workout 1 hr, 5 days a week @ PF Jan-May 09
31.    Workout ‘Biggest Winner’ 4 days a week May -?
32.    Complete couch to 5k program using Podrunner Intervals
33.    Try 10 Pilates workouts – 10
34.    Run 2 – 5k’s
35.    Eat Vegetarian 1week/month 6 times – 6
36.    Eat beans not meat 1 meal/week for 6 months – 24
37.    Have friends over for dinner 1/month – 32
38.    No processed foods 2 days/week for 12 months – 24
39.    Buy and enjoy 2 bottles of wine/month – 64
40.    Save 75% of income Jan-May 09
41.    Review and plan savings when I get a new job
42.    Detail and monitor $300/month budget Jan-May 09
43.    Review, detail and monitor new budget May 09 – ?
44.    Use cash or check for all minor purchases.
45.    Pay off all credit cards by May 09
46.    Pay off student loan by Jan,‘10
47.    Get a CHA/P position
48.    Move
49.    Put laundry away immediately after folding
50.    Vacuum once a week – 143
51.    Organize and de-clutter once a week – 143
52.    Put all important documents into a binder
53.    Create workout binder
54.    Write letters to family members 1/month – 32
55.    Email Mum once/week – 143
56.    Keep in touch with Jessica Campbell
57.    Blog 2 times/week
58.    Update 101 list once/week
59.    Pare down possessions to 4 totes, wheel and dog food
60.    Catalog entire yarn stash
61.    Catalog entire fiber stash
62.    Keep both #60 and #61 up to date bi-monthly
63.    Spin thru entire fiber stash as of 1/1/09 by 12/31/09
64.    Knit 12 sweaters for myself
65.    Buy no more sock yarn until all existing stash has been used
66.    Knit hats from remaining Noro
67.    Spin 30 mins/day
68.    Knit 2 hours every other day
69.    Knit Christmas ornaments 1/month – 32
70.    Put all patterns into pockets and into a binder
71.    Organise patterns
72.    Photograph all WIP’s every other week
73.    Update Ravelry every other week
74.    Knit 3 baby sweaters for Bolliger baby
75.    Buy only Etsy handpainted fiber after all stash has been used
76.    Knit a Christmas Stocking for myself
77.    Knit thru ‘The Great American Afghan’
78.    Go to OR fiber festival, Canby OR 9/25-28 ‘09
79.    Go to MI fiber festival, 08/10
80.    Go to sock summit, Portland, OR 8/09
81.    Only buy yarn for a specific project.
82.    Work towards becoming self-sufficient
83.    Research raising ducks
84.    Plan towards owning ducks
85.    Research raising rabbits
86.    Plan towards owning rabbits
87.    Research raising goats
88.    Plan towards owning goats
89.    Write a business plan for dyeing yarn and fiber
90.    Research land availability
91.    Save towards buying house and/or land
92.    Plant herb garden/pots
93.    Plant vegetable garden
94.    Be open to dating after May ‘09
95.    Pray daily
96.    Get my dresser from Mum
97.    For 2010
98.    For 2010
99.    For 2011
100.    For 2011
101.    Make a new list