It has been a fantastic week around Chez Sisu.

Some beautiful sunny days for walkies…dscf0115 and enjoyed every moment of them.   dscf0108A little chilly on a few days…dscf0030so we all were frosty.

dscf0031 So its always nice to come home; everyone thinks so!dscf0033

I love the Christmas season, every last moment of it.  I’m not talking about the commercial crap that is force fed to us from pre-Halloween but the REAL Christmas season.  The family, the togetherness, the special time and effort that people spend on each other and together, the actual thought that people spend on their loved ones.  Its amazing how little time people will spend with each other not even talking to each other throughout the year and then feel guilty about not spending money on them during Christmas time.

Last year, Christmas was very big for me because I had a house to decorate, a community to swap cookies with, planes to meet and irate people who hadn’t planned ahead to get their presents shipped before the last possible day to deal with… but this year was different.  It was Sisus’ second Christmas and my second being a Residence Life person on duty.  While my first Christmas on campus was shared with my Mum and sister at NMU and included a fake tree, lights, decorations, lots of fish to feed and a missed midnight service that Mum never lets me forget; this one was quite a bit more low key 🙂dscf0122 but was very sweet and satisfying all on its own!  I ‘put up’ a tree and while it would have been bigger had all the lights worked, it looked, and was, perfect as it was.  I put in a “Happy Christmas” phone call to Mum and talked to her as I opened my stocking-type presents from her and I love them.

dscf0142 The pretty purple sweater-shirt and socks are from my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Steve.dscf0144 I got very nice presents, especially since I can use and enjoy all of them!  The best present has to be a wonderful gift certificate from Mum and Jinny to KnitPicks.  I love that store and already have plans to use it for more lovely yarns…but more on that later 🙂

Part of my joy at Christmas is yummy things to eat and enjoy while opening presents and while I finished presents before having my snack, I enjoyed the snack even more so!  There were 2 types of pickle (okra and baby cukes), artichoke, mozzerella balls, REAL crab, hummus, goat cheese and matzo crackers.  Very, very, very yummy, let me tell you.

dscf0146 As you can see from the paw in the upper right corner, I was much haunted during my snack by very deprived and neglected puppy dogs.

Sisu also got stocking-type presents.  dscf0140 She got a stuffed walrus from Old Navy (which she and Luci have already evicerated and dissected), a squeeky toy from the $1 section of Target (which lasted less than 10 minuets because of the cheap plastic), and the best present ever for her and Luci: dscf0038 Big for Sisu, little for Luci…or so you would think.  In reality, LUCI has been going after and enjoying the large bone and Sisu guards the little one.  Silly dogs.

So…about that yarn…

I have always been good about having specific yarn for specific projects and have not been about buying random skeins of anything just because it was pretty.  My eyes and plans have always been a bit bigger than my stomach faster than my fingers however, and that makes for my stash.  I have plans and patterns for it all, I swear!

For the blue and brown Cascade?  I want to make another Ribby Cardi.  My washer here doesnt know the meaning of “Gentle” cycle and agitated my lovely sweater and caused some much unwanted felting.  I can’t blame anyone else but I can re-knit it!dscf0073 The Heather is either going to be Rogue or Amused.  I gifted my original Rogue to J’s sister, Raeanne and I hope she is still wearing it!  Its going to be a hard decision between either of them.  I may make the Amused because it will be a new pattern to try but I so love the Rogue that I want to be able to make one for myself to wear!

dscf0083 The Earthly Hues is Ring around the Moon and will be a pair of toe-up knee high socks.  I really want a good pair of boot socks and I think that this is going to knit up beautifully. dscf0090 I have been struggling with my Vail mainly because of trouble being able to follow the pattern.  I taped the two pages together (2 for front, 2 for back) so now I have 2 super-sized pages of patterning which are easier to follow but harder to handle.  Enter my new Pattern Tamers!  The very long one is PERFECT for keeping track of the right line to knit.  Maybe now I can get further than this:dscf0062 but boy, am I ever excited to see it taking shape!