While it would be nice to say that I had just finished this spinning project and decided to take Sisu for her walkies…



…I can’t.

Truth be told, I finished spinning that Shetland a few weeks ago now, have wrapped it and sold it to my friend Amanda to give as a Christmas gift to her brothers boy-friend.  It was beautiful too.  I really loved spinning that Shetland and I hope that he likes knitting with it.  The fleece was from a local Palmer sheep and I will have to try to get more of her in the future.  The grabby-ness of the fiber really appealed to me and I would have liked to knit with it myself.  The finished product was 4oz of 1,350 yards of laceweight single-ply that has to be my best spinning work ever.  I think that it went so well because I knew it was to be a gift and I wanted it to be perfect.

About that walk…

First off, let me tell you about the non-existent daylight here in Anchorage.  The sun rises at about 10am (a bit after) and then is completely gone by 3:50.  And I mean GONE.  The sun, who I love, has no warmth.  Yes, she shines and that is a good thing, but there is no force behind her.  No Vitamin D for Tasha and Sisu.  Thank goodness that in less than 5 days she will start to gain ground again!  I completely understand now why solstice parties are such a big thing here and in Fairbanks and Barrow they are even bigger still.  This is why I shant be moving further north.

Add to this the cold and you have a not so pleasant place to be.  Granted, I do like the cold but walkies at 4 degrees is not so much fun for me.  The furry coated one loves them though.


And I love her.  So I endure and get the chance to take some nice pictures along the way.  It doesnt snow when it gets this cold…just freezes everything.  All the moisture in the air finds a sticking point and then freezes there in a very beautiful way.





Sisu was nonplussed.  She was happy to run and play with the other dogs and steal their sticks.  Which she then is quite happy to flop down into the snow with and proceeds to chew into an oblivion and get her daily fiber ration.  She has always been like this and I think its so funny that she wants to play all the time at home and when she is in the lobby but once we get to the P-A-R-K she is completely content with laying in the snow by herself and chomping on a stick.  Silly Girl.


I dont have a Christmas Tree of my own but I do have one that is shared with the dog walking community!  A wonderful person who lives behind the dog park has run a HUGE extension cord from their backyard to this tree in the park and has given the gift of illumination.  When I say huge extension cord, I really mean it.  The nearest house is over 200 yards away!!!



All the pictures were taken on Saturday and while it was barely 4 degrees at noon, it was a whopping 8 at 3pm when I was out there with the camera.  You can bet that I was having lots of fun taking the shots, especially with the battery not wanting to work right and the camera itself thinking that it was frozen.  Thanks to fleece lined jeans I can enjoy all my walkies and I have yet to come across a day where I am not snuggly warm in them.  My fingers however are another matter and I will have to move into better mittens very soon.